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YA Chronicles review and unboxing

I ordered this month of YA Chronicles specifically because of the theme “Can you feel the love tonight?”. If you reference music OR the Lion King then I am in, they referenced both. I was really hoping there would be something Lion King related in the box but no such luck.

So obviously as it is a February box it was to do with Valentines day or Love at least.

First thing being the wonderful soy candle from The Book Hangover (made exclusive for YA Chronicles) called feysand which I would probably love more if I had of read any of A Court of Thorns and Roses series. It smells AMAZING none the less.

The next thing was the card that tells me all about the items in the box (which let me know about the candle). Also a YA Chronicles bookmark to add to my collection!

Before my favourite part of the box was a little pin (which the card informed me is from The Fault in Our Stars), I know I am very behind as I haven’t read it or seen it. Maybe one day I will love this pin.

Now my FAVOURITE part. This is the most AMAZING tea I have ever gotten. It is a custom tea blend from West End Tea Co. called Amortentia! Yes this is a Love potion tea with rose and vanilla on a base of green tea.

Last but not least, the book. Valentine by Jodi McAlister. A YA novel about 4 teenagers all born on Valentines day and someone is coming to kill one of them, but they don’t know which! That’s a rather short version of the synopsis, it sounds interesting.

We know my favourite part already but I will probably not purchase another box because I am not in a financial position to and also I really only LOVED half of it.


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