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Update & GOFG


Good news guys! I’m expanding! My business, ok. I am moving into video also!

A little bit of good news, if you know me you would know that I don’t get to live off the money from my photography. As much as I love photography it just doesn’t pay for me to eat yet. So the news is I probably have a job! Just a casual job to pay for life, I will still have time for my business!

Yes I dabble in video at present but beyond a maybe 30 second video of a concert, I am at a loss. I have taken the plunge into video as I have received an RADF grant for a documentary. Before continuing please go subscribe to my youtube to see my videos so far:

As my computer is away being fixed I will not be uploading videos soon. Once my laptop is fixed or I have a new one, I will be uploading a introductory video! In the mean time its just blogposts to update you guys. Also I am researching stand alone microphones, if you are good with audio help me out please!

If you follow me on social media you would see that I am currently looking for Artisans to feature in Good Old Fashioned Gratification. GOFG is to document artisans telling stories and working on their lost art form. The processes of such things as sign writing, carpentry and letterpress, will be documented in the form of a short film. This short films purpose is to show younger humans the beauty of working for a unique outcome and the gratification that comes with things that are not instant.

Good Old Fashioned Gratification will benefit all generations, myself and artisans past, present and future.

If you happen to know an artisan that would like to be filmed please send me their info as I would love to hear about them!

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