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Unscrumpleunscrumple is an exhibition of photographs by Craig Seibel and curated by Lucy Whithers.

Craig Seibel is a master in most forms of photography but his personal wanderlust makes his main form, a travel photographer. The photographs for his exhibition were taken on a trip to New Zealand at the start of 2014. The projections of these images only started 2 months ago. The idea of “unscrumple”ing came from a class a TAFE when his lecturer wanted to throw away a background that was no longer able to be used as such. Seibel took the background and made a new idea, to project memories onto something tossed away. 9 of the photographs on display are his New Zealand photographs project onto a crumpled old background then photographed again and printed to watercolour paper. The other 3 of his prints are his photos from that trip on the watercolour paper and then crumpled, to give his exhibition the texture he is aiming for.

Housed up at theGRID in the ex Bunker records space it was a small venue, perfect for a pop up show. The installation of the show was so different in that all the works were not hung the same, a point of difference from the exhibitions on One wall and MARS. Being that the exhibition was about foggy, blurry, crumpled ideas the work were not the same sizes, the same height on the wall nor the same spacing apart, and it worked perfectly.

Photos of the install and opening!

unscrumple opened Oct 3rd and is on display until closing night Oct 10th at MARS on theGRID: hybrid arts collective. Lvl 1  488 Ruthven St, Toowoomba


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