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Token Huntress Book Review


Before I begin, you are probably thinking she is a photographer, what does she know about books? Well anyone that knows me well enough knows I cannot correct grammar but I know when something is a good story.

Token Huntress is the first book in a series, written by Kia Carrington-Russell, she has said that of all of her books this was the most fun to write. You can tell it was fun to write by reading it. As a photographer (someone who is good at capturing stories and moments) it bewilders me how authors come up with these amazing stories.

Now I won’t give away too much but Token Huntress has vampires in it but if you expect it to be anything like Twilight you will be very disappointed. This book is basically about the end of the world with a twist. Ok it’s more than one twist but if you anything like me you will guess one before it happens and the other will make your jaw hit the floor! The main character is not human although at times you can resonate with her, everyone has struggles, everyone can understand making choices.

It is a peculiar storyline but exquisite writing. Kia has a unique view on the end of the world (fiction of course) and has upped the standard of fiction coming from Australian Authors. The last time I had this much interest in a fiction novel was the Maximum Ride series from James Patterson. The style of writing so you feel the need to hold onto all details and continue to see what comes next also reminds me of the Max Ride series.

I was very pleased with the reaction I had to Token Huntress as I am someone who loves books but it is rare that I get one that I refuse to put down.

Token Vampire (book 2) due for release Dec 5th.

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