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They stole my motorbike!


So if you follow me personally you might know that my motorbike was stolen. I know some people might think “it’s just a chook chaser” or “its not a race bike”. THAT DOESN’T MATTER. They stole my motorbike!

This motorbike was bought brand new in 2007 in Dalby and taken from Maidenwell in the last week. This is the perfect bike and not just for me, its perfect for most of my family as we have the short gene, it’s perfect for teaching people to ride. This bike went everywhere. It was our bike. We always said we were never going to sell it and we weren’t.

This was the bike that people would learn to ride on, it wasn’t too powerful but you could still do small jumps and have a little fun. If you have ever met me, I am like my father, I love 2 wheels! I was so excited to be able to go to Manar Park again next year cause my ute should be going again then. I am absolutely devastated. This bike had sentimental value also. It had a hole in the guard from me like smashing a stick through on a ride one day, it has stickers near falling off cause they have been there for like 7 years.

This is my bike. I am so upset that it is gone. I am still so shocked that there are people that are such scum that they take from working families to fuel a drug habit. This is why I hate drugs, but that’s another story. I don’t actually have the words for how I feel but if you have heard anything about this year for me. This is the last straw.

So please (to borrow a phrase) if you see something, say something.

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