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Soundwave weekend


As a majority of everyone was at Soundwave, I was also with a smaller camera so I can see everyone I want to see and still get decent photographs (this would not happen if I was an official photographer).


My weekend started Thursday night with Papa Roach Sidewave (as a photographer). The first band Nonpoint were ON POINT, and the windmills from the entire band made for amazing photos! Godsmack were second but technically co headlining with Papa Roach, and apart from their stage presence the lighting guy was also a genius! Papa Roach are a band I have wanted to see for a very long time and shooting them was surreal, Jacoby Shaddix has so much energy on stage! I swear he moves around more than Crafter. They played all the favourites and a couple of new songs. In the photo pit was 2 of my fellow photographers/friends Wezzy Cruze Productions and What Is Rock Photography and newly made friend Gethin Hill Photography, so for even more photos go check them all out!


SOUNDWAVE! That’s about how excited I get every year, Soundwave is my favourite day of the year and this year it was all weekend! I will not tell you every band I saw but there is photos on my Instagram @mac_kb_eth and there will be more on my Facebook page (note: photographs are from my Sony). Just know it was AMAZING especially Confession, in the mosh pit was what I assume was a 12 year old, all I know is that kid is a LEGEND! The other amazing acts were Slash, Falling in Reverse and Atreyu. Really stand out acts and I was not expecting it.

Sunday was unfortunate with my zipper breaking before I got there and having to buy new pants, also making me late to Deathstars.


Over the course of the weekend I also contributed some of my rules for concert life on Instagram as #kbconcertliferules (note: these are my set rules, not for everyone). I will continue to add to these rules so watch the hashtag!


As I was busy throughout the weekend I had not checked my email and the surprise I woke up to Monday was pleasant and most welcome! I am going to be in the Film Never Die Polaroid Exhibition! (Pretty please book shoots so I can go to Melbourne for the opening) 2015 is the year for macKBeth!

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