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Music Seen

Music SeenMusic Seen is about the All Ages music scene in Toowoomba and its decrease over the past few years.

This exhibition (Music Seen) is my first solo exhibition since starting my professional career over 2 years ago. Those 2 years make quiet a difference in that I never even thought of having my very own exhibition back then! However time does not change some things, a photograph of my very first concert as a professional is on show.

The Regional Arts Development Fund is funding my exhibition by way of an RADF grant. I am so very grateful to them and all the people who helped me along the way. These people include all of my Family, my TAFE teachers Alison Ahlhaus and Doug Spowart along with my TAFE mates. The biggest thank you however goes to my boss and an amazing human being, Alison Mooney (co-director of theGRID).

Photographs of my work can be seen on my Flickr account (link below) and some of the opening night, but photos don’t do it justice. The opening night was such a success with a full gallery for myself and ONEwall artist Emily Donaldson. We both received such praise from Mooney as she was opening. As an extra to my opening, I booked Brisbane band The Lost Knights to play (their first Toowoomba show), the crowd went crazy for them! I believe another trip to Toowoomba for them is in order, and soon.

As hectic as this experience was I would love to have another exhibition of my own, mind you next time I will need to be more organised!




Music Seen opened Sept 5th and is on display until Oct 3rd at MARS on theGRID: hybrid arts collective. Lvl 1  488 Ruthven St, Toowoomba

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