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El Grande/Gladstone


This blog post is about El Grande Festival Brisbane and Gladstone. Also a little bit of family stories for those who may like to hear them.


My week started Friday the 20th at the Brisbane El Grande at the Hifi. All the bands were amazing and (I may be bias as the Hifi is one of my favourite venues) sounded great. Shocked, I was to see upstairs closed and even more shocked to see only 2 other photographers and a videographer. This is a big event and I was most definatly expecting more. I did get to meet Markus Ravik, a photographer whos work I like a lot. And bonus points to the guys as the Hifi is near Beach Burrito!


Saturday, as much as I wanted to be at El Grande Gladstone Day 1, I stayed at home to help my father work on some things.


Sunday was an early one to arrive in time, we rode the entire way (in 4 hours mind you) on a motorbike and made it to Gladstone with enough time for a catch up and swim with my family. The Grand hotel was the lucky venue for El Grande Gladstone this year with a main stage and a corner stage. The layout was definatly a good one as the band room was directly behind the merch wall. The bands may disagree as load in/out requires stairs. I really enjoy shooting shows with Shaun Watson of What Is Rock Photography and Wezley Pitt of Wezzy Cruze productions, I also shot with both these guys at Papa Roach!


Nathan Bedford and Tim Price did a great job with the line up and set up, venues, everything! Much love for those guys.


The rest of my time was spent with family, Dutch family I havn’t seen in 8 years and some of my Perth family I have seen in a few years. Monday was a bit of a slack day but in the afternoon we headed to my Aunties place for a visit with her, Channy and Dani (my cousins) we ended up with Nanna, my other cousin Chris and Jenny & Peter (dutch relatives along with Dani) for dinner, family chats and a game of Pictionary made fun with a language barrier and really suss looking drawings including a bookmark that is a doodle.


Tuesday my Auntie Cindy and her daughter Charlie arrived from Perth at around 10am in my great Uncles Mustang (for a photo check mac_kb_eth on instagram) and the entire of the Family that was there spent most of the day in the pool (pictured). In the afternoon the Photographers of the family of which there are a few and some others including Rocky (dog) went to east shores down on the Marina, and to the lookout for some nice photo opportunities and playing on swingsets etc. that night was a big family dinner with all pool goers at a smorgasboard chinese restaurant that included rum and fortune cookies.


All in all great family time and writing this is nearly making me cry as I miss them all! Already!


Wednesday was another ride home to see my girls (duckys and chooks) and dogs who were all still alive thanks to Jade (sister in law) and to get to work with dad.


El Grande Brisbane

28 Days

Dream On, Dreamer



Guards of May

Vessel Born


El Grande Gladstone Day 2

Dream On Dreamer

D at Sea

Tiki Taane

The City Shakeup



Red in Tooth


Animal Throwdown




NOTE: This is only a sneak peek of El Grande Festival, full story in AIRWAVES issue 1 along with the Melbourne trip.

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