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Delicious Skin Taster Box review

del skin

I have been wanting to try all of these products since first receiving the Deliciously Smooth Exfoliating Mask in my Sept 2014 Vegan box. The precious day I received the taster in the mail I couldn’t figure out if I wanted it on my face or if I wanted to eat it! Now, to the review…


The Deliciously Clean Butter Cleanser is the first step in your daily routine for the Delicious Skin set. Before I say something to make you think the worst, please know my skin (like my hair) is very fair and dry so heavy conditioning makes it feel greasy. The Butter Cleanser is too heavy for my skin, but a friend has used it and told me it is great and made her skin feel smooth as. If you are unsure I defiantly suggest a taster first!


Deliciously Supple Silk Serum is great for the moisture you need for your face, especially in rather windy weather! Directions say 3-4 drops a day but I have found 2 to be enough for my skin. It provides hydration that is much needed in the mountains where I am and I also recommend it for beach goers as the sun and salt can really dry you out.


Follow the Silk Serum up with Deliciously Soft Moisturising Cream for that little extra hydration! Note: also makes you want to eat your face. Others may also feel this effect. It does not have to be used exclusively on your face, I find it amazing for my hands also as they get the most exposure to everything. As a bonus, Deliciously Soft Moisturising Cream is great for after shaving your legs; no stinging, all natural.


For the occasional weekly (or bi weekly) scrub you have the Deliciously Smooth Exfoliating Mask. Smells of Vanilla Oats; very scrumptious and the crumby texture makes it an easier choice in regards to how much you wish to use. After the 10 mins of it working its magic on your face, you wipe it away to the smoothest feeling skin that I have ever felt. Very in love with this Mask!


Last and most certainly not least the Deliciously Silky Lip Salve. It smells similar to the moisturiser but with more of a hint of cocoa. Smelling of cocoa and vanilla and making your lips smooth (works as well as everything else in this box), it is perfect for the hydration wanted from lip salve, as well as making you want to bite your lip constantly (yum yum). Others may like the lip biting too!


The packaging throughout is perfection as glass is the most reusable, assuming you don’t break it. Deliciously Silky Lip Salve is in a tiny tin perfect for any size handbag you may take out. If the taster pack amazes you like it did me the smaller jar sizes are perfect to refill for travel.


Absolutely nothing better than natural, vegan and palm oil free. I will be buying some of these things to replace more common brands.

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