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Sorry it has been a while but as you may know already, I have re located to Brisbane and have made more progress toward my business. If you are in Brisbane and need a photographer I do have some time in the first week of March. This blog post is about +BIRO+ the collaborative exhibition started by Bronte Naylor (Toowoomba artist currently based in cairns), also a catch up of projects!


The end of 2014 was eventful as I met a lovely human called Bronte Naylor. I showed up at the Grid to do some work (aka sweeping floors) on day what I thought was like any other day. Walking through the front door revealed a big drop sheet covering the ex-Bunker space, me being the curious human I am had to take a look! A mural had been started, and what a mural it was! Covering the entire end wall and needing ladders and chairs just to work on it.


In the days to come I spent more time with Bronte, Vee (co-worker and friend) and good mate Craig Seibel. Then I went off to Brisbane for a concert and a wedding, just to come back to Bronte telling me “you’re in an exhibition”, seriously I leave for 24 hours! Just kidding. I was so happy they had thought to include me! After this I was informed of a primary colour theme, Bronte = Blue. Craig = Yellow. Myself = Red. The following days consisted of planning, editing as we had chosen Kaleidoscopes for me, and promoting.


+BIRO+ opened on a Wednesday night and being a pop up show was only up for that week. Night before the opening was a mission to hang and decorate the space, with sunflowers. An amazing experience shared with amazing humans! The opening was a success with help from the lovely Vee, everyone important came to see all the works together. I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet an amazing human and to exhibit next to two!


After BIRO the end of year was just Santa photos, Christmas Carol photos and family time. The new year brang new life, as it does, with a job (that I didn’t stick with) and moving to Brisbane after a photo shoot in Toowoomba. Brisbane is an amazing place for macKBeth Photography, soo many gigs already and its only Feb! In addition to concerts, I have acquired work for an Art Gallery, a few brands and another amazing human that does Burlesque. All caught up! What has everyone else been up to?


Sideshow Alley 3

P.S. I have a little project on Instagram this coming weekend to coincide with going to Soundwave, just follow @mac_kb_eth and keep an eye out for the tag #kbconcertliferules

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