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Bellabox review


October bellabox



  • Kester Black for bellabox – Coral Me Maybe
  • Glam-It! Make up brush – Cheek fan brush
  • Priya Body Balance bar – Natural goats milk
  • Mor hand cream
  • Sleek makeup Pout Paint – Pinkini
  • Pantene shampoo & conditioner


As I received it on Halloween I took the photographs on a spider web backdrop.


For my first beauty subscription box I was delighted!


So to start with Kester Black nail polish, I chew my nails (bad habit I know) but I can’t wait to use it. It has great texture and its 100% vegan! Huge bonus!


So Glam-It! Cheek fan brush is actually so helpful as it is not something I have gone out and bought for myself.


Goats milk Priya body balance bar is a good thing for me as I have sensitive skin and normal soap is a no-go. Good going bellabox!


Mor hand cream, smelt great but for sensitive skin its very heavy even for hands. Might be perfect for others!


Sleek makeup Pout Paint is so perfect and the bright pink colour I received is something I have been wearing a lot of lately (hair colour, dresses and lipstick) I was so pleased (as the lipstick was not mine)


Pantene is terrible for my hair as it is so thin and pantene makes it feel very heavy so I didn’t even try it. The bottles were perfect travel size and my friend loves pantene so it was quite swell.


Note: Everything (except Pantene) is Palm Oil free which makes me happy!!

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