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Hey, so I have been blogging heaps lately! I guess I have just been super motivated, I wanted to do an introductory video for my youtube but as I am out a computer that has to wait. I have gotten a job and I am working on GOFG (Good Old Fashioned Gratification) but I still have time to WORK WITH YOU.

As I am more motivated, I am excited to collaborate with everyone! I am looking to collaborate with brands, clothing labels and bloggers. Something you should know about me, the offer to promote something I believe in or work with amazing humans is more appealing than promoting something I am unsure about just because I am being compensated. I hope you feel the same way, for this reason I have discounted rates (just ask for a quote) and I do some TFP work.

Working with me is super easy just get in contact and I love different ideas so don’t be afraid to go wild! There are no silly questions. There is a contact form on my website (here) and you can message me on social media.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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