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Update Oct 2015

DSC_0086This blogpost is an update on all my projects which include special things (some free) for my customers and subscribers!


So last year and 2013 I put a lot of effort into a book on Australian Music! As Music Seen took over my year I kinda put it on the back burner but now I am motivated again I will be finishing it. It will be smaller than I originally planned. I will be making it a free eBook for my subscribers! I will also have it as a print version to order (obviously it will not be free). I hope to have this finished by the end of this year.


My “Unicorn Project” Good Old Fashion Gratification is on track, I am filling out RADF paperwork as you read this. I have researched my but off looking at microphones for my documentary, art galleries for the exhibition and artisans (great word, thanks Grace) in my area. So in my exhibition there will be prints as well as a slide projector with images documenting the hard work put into keeping older processes alive. The documentary will be shown opening night as well as get entered into film festivals. I intend to show people the beauty of putting in great effort for a quality result!


My time in Sydney will be from the 22nd to the 26th of this month. So if you know of anyone wanting great photos, adventures or company, let me know!


My final news is that I have finally applied for an artist residency! Actually 2! I have applied for one at Byron Bay and the other is in Fremantle. I honestly hope I get one as it is a life goal of mine.


That is all my news, what are you all up to?

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