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The Vegan Box September 2014

vegan boxThe Vegan Box

The September edition of The Vegan Box was my first of any sort of subscription box and I was pleasantly surprised. I honestly did not know what to expect upon receiving it but after opening the plastic and seeing what can only be described as an adorable cardboard box, I was convinced I made a solid purchase. As it is full of vegan products, I thought the veggie patch was the perfect place to lay it out!

The September Vegan Box contents:

  • The Vegan Teahouse Chocolate & Walnut Brownie
  • Screaming Seeds Moroccan Cous Cous
  • Resparkle Organic Floor Cleaner Concentrate
  • Life To You Raw Raspberry Macaroons
  • Delicious Skin Deliciously Smooth Exfoliating Mask
  • Happiness & Wellbeing Magazine 3mnth Subscription
  • Nutraorganics CocoBiotics Probiotic Energy bar
  • Gobble Organic Sultanas


First of the bat the Chocolate & Walnut Brownie, when I ate it, it was a tad crumbly but it had been in my bag for a while but none the less it was delicious. I am not normally a fan of any kind of nuts in my food but unlike the other examples I have had in my life it did not detract from the chocolate flavour.

The Moroccan Cous Cous I made into a chickpea, feta and vegetable cous cous. The cous cous was cooked in vegetable stock, The Moroccan flavouring made for a more flavoursome meal.

As for the Resparkle Organic Floor Cleaner, I have never been so excited to clean a floor! What’s that about?

Life to You Raw Raspberry Macaroons were not to my liking, they had what I would describe as a peculiar. Rather moist yet crumby in texture and left me with a bad aftertaste. I’m sure it’s just my tastebuds as my mate liked the one I gave him.

My Delicious Skin Deliciously Smooth Exfoliating Mask is being saved for when it is a little warmer in Toowoomba. The texture however is just gorgeous.

Happiness & Wellbeing Magazine is already a magazine I love and as I tend to not be able to get it every month, I was stoked to have this included.

OH MY GOSH! Nutraorganics CocoBiotics Energy Bar was possibly the best thing I have ever tasted with it being chocolate and coconut flavour. I would 110% eat one everyday if it wasn’t $50 for a box of 12, oh how I wish I had the money!

I am not a sultana human on any level but I still tried some Gobble Organic Sultanas for the sake of my review. It just reconfirmed my dislike for sultanas but I will say this much, they were juicy and full of flavour.



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