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Support Small Busines this Christmas

IMG_20150208_0002If you are like myself you didn’t buy your xmas presents months ago, some people are so organised! This is a guide of gifts to support small business this xmas.

For Santa photos:

Butterfly Kisses Creations (aka Tamara) will be in at Wilsonton Shopping centre in Toowoomba. This year every family will get ONE free photo, with extras costing only $15! 6 days a week (no Sundays), mon-fri times are 9:30-11:30am & 1-4pm, Saturdays are 10am-3pm. Get there to support small business and if you organise early the dog can be in the photo too! (Photo above: 2013 I was a helping photographer, wish I could be this year)

For the chocolate lover (aka everyone):

The Chocolate Yogi is vegan chocolate I was able to try at Cruelty Free festival, don’t be put off by the word vegan. I am a cadbury lover myself but the dark chocolate with coconut and cherry I got from the Chocolate Yogi was as good as old gold. They also have milk chocolate.

For the Self Care guru:

Delicious Skin is a natural range of skincare made by the lovely Nicola Marie (she was also at Cruelty Free fest). A review of her Sampler:

For the Artist:

Adam Nichols is an an artist/illustrator who does exceptional work. The only thing I left Kia Carrington-Russell’s table at Supanova (see below) for was to see the talk Adam did on Colour Theory. He also has a book of the same name which is a great gift for the artist in your family, so many interesting facts I didn’t know about the impact of colours (and I am a photographer!). Funny how the mind works. Supanova:


For the Nerd (I say that lightly):

While at Supanova, I just happened to meet a lovely human by the name of Napoleon. He is the illustrator of a comic called Talons of Pangea. Amazing artistry and storyline in this comic and something different if the human you are buying for is 10 and has Superman comics! Artist Portrait:


For the Book Lover:

Kia Carrington-Russell is a local Queensland author who has an extensive range of genres in her published works. Sci Fi, fantasy, romance and even erotica (for 18+ only). Her 9th published book Token Vampire came into our lives just days ago. Perfect timing for Christmas, review of the first book Token Huntress here:


For the Animal Lover:

Cicardis Apparel has a few options my favourite being the Equality design modelled by the designer Lily Cardis at Cruelty Free Festival. Photo:


For the Music minded:

Bunker Records is a local Toowoomba Business that stocks your favourite (or whoever you are buying for) artists. Also record players should that be needed to play vinyl! Bunker also has shirts for those who like to rep the local businesses. Should you just need a break from

shopping for gifts grab a coffee on the way out from Bunker Espresso if the vinyl gets too heavy to carry.

Also a Toowoomba local is artist Ashvin Harris who currently has a Kurt Cobain painting, for sale at this moment!

For a little closer to home (yeah, I’m gunna plug myself, you knew it was coming) I have prints for Sale from my Exhibition Music Seen and I can also print any photograph of mine you take fancy to.

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