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Queensland Youth Parliament Forum

forumJust past was the Queensland Youth Parliament Forum weekend. In case you haven’t seen I am the youth member for Nanango. Obviously if you know me I am passionate about a lot of things, I did choose the PIE committee which is Primary Industries and Environment.

Upon arrival was lunch so just eat and find a conversation. I did go down to Canberra earlier this year for Heywire if you are behind in the adventures of mackbeth and I was expecting that atmosphere. Being that Heywire is Australia wide and Queensland Youth Parliament is obviously QLD I was not expecting the amount of participants I arrived to! 93 youth parliament participants, myself and the executive team. The atmosphere was already different as the people here were specific to QLD. I have never felt so out of place in my life, everyone I had the pleasure of chatting to was either in school or Uni, OP subjects or double majors.

There are 15 yr olds that know more about politics than me, which is awesome but kinda sad for me. Every participant learnt what we doing here, etc. then we got to meet our committees and mentors. Two truths one lie was our ice breaker and I went all Veronica Mars and killed at it! For the rest of the time we had committee games (Friday night) Parliamentary Education (Friday and Saturday) committee meetings and even dancing (yes, it was terrible).

Saturday night was a panel and the Launch of Queensland Youth Parliament at Parliament house Brisbane. This meant Parliamentary wear which QYP was not specific enough about on our info packs (communication QYP, please) I made the assumption my outfit that I met the Governor General in would suffice, apparently not (I must do shopping before September). Panel and Launch, both successful and then dinner at Parliament house were a great experience, certainly one I had never had before. Next time I will be taking a water bottle! (P.S. I met the MP for Gladstone, CQ represent)

The bill PIE committee is working on and other aspects of youth Parliament (well as much as I can tell you) will be on future blogposts an on Instagram (@mac_kb_eth).

Random fact: the things I got complemented on were my docs, my tie dye pants and my ability to do the sprinkler, lame dance moves ftw!

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