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Polaroid Resurrection/Melbourne Trip

melbourneMy first day in Melbourne started at 10:30am when I arrived at the airport, the rest of the day was travelling to where I would be staying and a late lunch. Thursday the second day I just headed into the city to explore with a quick stop into Photonet Gallery where Polaroid Resurrection was to be held. I signed my print for the exhibition and made a new friend or 2 in Gary Wong from Film Never Die and Michael Silver from Photonet Gallery. In the city I got to see so many people! A random comedy act in a little stage in the park some little places and cafes, but I didn’t stop at the cafes as the seating was outside and it was cold! I found an amazing bakery near Flinders St station called Bon Bons it was warm and inviting and they make the best Iced Chocolate I have ever had. I made my way to check out Michaels Camera Museum, not a waste of time, so many dream cameras. On my way back to the boys place I got the best message you can receive “where are you? I got a bottle of rum waiting for you.” That night went how you would guess.


Good Friday to me, is spending time with people you love, so I went to visit my best friend who I hadn’t seen in over 6 months. Friday night was the opening for Polaroid resurrection, lots of people with Polaroids in one room! I had forgotten my polaroid, silly me, but I was present for speeches and photos. Yes there is a polaroid of everyone! Minus who took it. The opening meant more meeting people such as Eric, Wei Wei and Kim of Film Never Die. One of the artists of a Polaroid in the exhibition was from NSW and was there for the opening!


Saturday was pretty chill went to Repco, which there is a pet shop next door…. I GOT TO CUDDLE A BUNNY RABBIT! Pet shops are very understanding if you say you are from QLD, I cuddled a boy rabbit (pictures on flickr) and kind of named him Gerald. The afternoon brought a movie outing with Mick, Josh and Matty to see Fast and Furious 7. A real tear jerker and great movie. The Easter bunny came while we were at the movies. Sunday morning was an early one to head into Queen Victoria Markets with Deb, Josh and Matty, my only purchase being Frozen Uno. I also received a gift, an I love Melbourne shirt. A bit of shopping afterwards so it was quite a big day. A rest day followed.


Tuesday was a rainy day so I only went out in the afternoon, a last visit to the Gallery to see my photo hanging on the wall and say a farewell to my new friend Michael. I also took another trip into the city, this time exploring near the river, a bridge of locks where people in love are on there forever and are together (I am a sucker for the sweet things) and a visit to Eureka Skydeck. Melbourne is massive and so beautiful of a night time, the Skydeck however is not for those with a fear of heights, something I do not experience.


Wednesday, my last day. I woke early in the Morning to go see my best friend again. Once I had visited for long enough I went on a venture to see the Film Never Die shop as I had not yet dropped in. It is down a beautiful Lane and the people at Film Never Die are lovely. I of course got too much film, spent too much money, Polaroid is like that. My favourite part was meeting the Film guy, aka Sebastian, aka Sebastemulsion. An interesting human. Then Aaron drove me to the airport with Mick as tag along, a short wait for a night time flight.

Bye Bye Melbourne.

Happy Easter from Melbourne everyone sorry it’s a bit late!


For photos of my trip as it was happening look at #kbmelb on Instagram


Thank You to all my lovely pledgers, you will all be in AIRWAVES.

Thank You to Gary and everyone at Film Never Die.

Thank You to Michael Silver from Photonet Gallery.

Thank You to Mick, Deb, Aaron, Josh and Matty for having me.

Thank You Melbourne.

NOTE: this is just a blog post, stories about Melbourne and more pictures will be in AIRWAVES, and some photographs only my pledgers will see.

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