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My Reading Experience

reading-storyFrom a young age my parents read to me and encouraged me reading. When I was young I got these books one every week or month and the had different levels of difficulty. Some of these books are still some of my favourite stories, like Even Steven and Odd Todd.

All through primary school was the book nerd, while everyone went out to play and run around, I would sit in the library or in the shade and read. Although I got picked on in primary school for just being me and for reading all the time, it was the least drama I have ever had in school.

I honestly wish I would have stayed like that through high school. Throughout high school I read the books I needed to for school and some books but nowhere near the amount I used to read.

After high school I read pretty much no books for 2 years. At the start of 2013 I ordered a book in the bookstore called Love Beyond Life. This book is based off the music of Angels and Airwaves, which if you know me, is my favourite band. This is the book that got me back into reading!

Since 2013 I have been reading much more than the never I used to read after high school. This year I got a novel called Poet Anderson … Of Nightmares and this book I could not put down, I didn’t want to go to work because I wanted to read the rest, I had dreams about what would happen next. This is what a good book will do to you and I have really missed that feeling.

I had a goal of reading 50 books in 2016 (which was highly ambitious). I have only made it halfway through that (but that is still 25 books more than 2012!), considering the year I have had I have forgiven myself. I have set the same goal of 50 books for next year and I hope to achieve this.

I really believe reading a book and escaping into another world does wonders for mental health (well, mine anyway).

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