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Life Lessons with KB


People say it often that age doesn’t matter, I pretty much always disagreed because I have an amazing family and family friends that matured with age like humans are supposed to. I have recently learnt that everyone else in the world is different to these humans I grew up with. The humans I grew up around made their mistakes same as everyone, but they were also smart enough to learn from their mistakes. To learn what they wanted in life and they try to spend as little time as possible with those not facing the same reality.


I should clarify that my understanding of maturity is not necessarily liking who you are but not hating yourself, being able to be alone whether alone with your own company, living alone or single for any significant period of time. To know something that you want and be able to say it AND go for it. This being that the most immature people I have ever met can’t stand to be alone, must have people around 24/7, must have a SO (even if they aren’t that significant),don’t know what they want and if they do they can’t even say it let alone go out and get it.


Now here is a story that makes me look silly, but the message is needed. I liked someone, thought they were great, they only lived an hour away from me. I went to visit them once a week, sometimes more and received promises of visits as soon as this was done or “when I’m not busy”. While receiving these lies I was also receiving sweet messages, assurance that they liked me BUT also no commitment. Now I still have no idea whether human actually liked me, if that was what they wanted or if they didn’t want me at all. I am perfectly happy not knowing. I am happy not knowing simply because even if I needed to know, this human would be incapable of telling me, they don’t know! This is a 28 year old human! From hearing of their past, I have realised that they just don’t know how to be alone.


Being alone is a skill and a rather useful one, now another example of a 28 year old human. This human knows how to be alone and also knows what they want AND how to go after it. You realise what you want in the absence of things.


Life is pretty simple at the end of the day, if you want something you go for it! Worst that can happen is it doesn’t happen. If it’s a person you like or you even THINK you like, just say it. If it’s a dream to do something everyone around you will laugh at or not understand, just do it ANYWAY. Find these opportunities because opportunities missed are the biggest regrets you will have.

For example, something I need to get past is I wanted to walk the Kokoda track when I was in grade 12, my year co ordinator (who actually had no idea) said I could not do it, I was refused because I didn’t want to play touch football after a theory lesson of REC. There was a LOT they did not know, I know have Ross River fever so the chances of me finishing a 96km hike now is ridiculous. This may seem like a poor example but this wrecks my self esteem whenever I think about it. This was the last time I let someone tell me what I can’t handle!


This lesson goes for doctors also anyone who tries to tell you about your body.  My doctor tried to tell me I should not go off anti depressants. I have been off then for over 3 months now and my body likes me a lot better


In closing,


Age means nothing, maturity is what matters.

Being Alone is a good thing.

Know what you want and go for it!

No one knows your body like you.

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