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Life Lessons with KB 2


Attitude is an amazing thing, if you let it be. If you don’t have a good attitude it can be terrible, for your health, for the people around you and for the world. 
It may sound dramatic saying a bad attitude can be terrible for the world, but it’s true. Today I was reminded of this when someone said “good luck” in response to the fact that we have to start somewhere with the war on drugs. “Good Luck” basically says this person has no hope that things can work.  
I have experienced this before when telling people to recycle or even think about their own health. “No one else cares, Why should I?”. I have heard this exact sentiment from SO MANY PEOPLE! Imagine for a minute that every person who has said that exact phrase actually cared, imagine how much of a difference that would make. Imagine if people thought (like I do) “If there is 100 people out there that do this too, that’s a difference!” 
So before you think “no one else cares, why should I?” Just remember that I care and you can be someone that changes the world just by thinking positively 

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