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Heywire Summit 16



Last week I spent in Canberra as part of the Heywire youth summit. I was able to meet 44 other young Australians who were all amazing. I got to hear all of their amazing stories and hear about the places they are from. For some of us Heywirers the trip started as a very long wait in airports, my particular flight got delayed 3 hours whereas some others had all night at Sydney due to the storm.


For the first 2 days in Canberra it was mostly get to know, although we mostly skipped the small talk and had rather deep conversations. As an entire group we worked on ideas then split into smaller groups. The smaller groups had topics such as, racism, drugs, gender equality and lack of jobs/tourism in small towns. The group I chose was LGBT+ issues in regional Australia.


In the LGBT+ group there was some late nights and intense brain storming, but it wasn’t all hard work. In our late nights there was great one liners, silly quotes, bad twitter happenings and rather disturbing face swaps.


In amongst the team work and late nights, we had some nice times. Toured the abc tv and radio in Canberra, got invited to the Governor Generals house for afternoon tea. The Governor Generals house was rather fancy, the grass as soft as clouds, we got our tea served to us by Roger an english gentleman that has life figured out, giving us the advice to enjoy the small things. I am already living this advice but it is timeless and should be taken on board.


Parliament house is most of Wednesday for us, chatting with Politicians, going on a tour, a live broadcast and Question Time. The fact that the people supposedly running this country act like high schoolers is not much of a comfort. On the Wednesday we also got to see the theatre in which we would do our presentations the next day. Thursday was the day, we presented our ideas to 200 or so people.


The LGBT+ group came up with the idea of podcasts to decrease stigma around the LGBT+ community. RegionALL will be informing rural and regional areas of the issues the LGBT+ community face through a fortnightly show. Stay tuned for updates


Pictures here:

Live broadcast here:

Story of live pitches here:

Demo podcast here:

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