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Gen 2 review



If you have ever used the Impossible Project films you would know about the beautiful and sometimes frustrating results achieved. Black and While Impossible film has always been my weakness, I have always found it to be more tempermental than the colour.

This review of the Gen 2.0 Black and White comes a little late as I waited a while for it to come in the mail.

The Gen 2 in comparison to regular Black and White Impossible is AMAZING! I always thought my Black and White Impossible needed more contrast (I love trasty black & white photographs) and the Gen 2 delivers. Not only that but no sheilding (just like it says) and the developing time is amazing, I thought I just taken an instax photo (except it was black & white) because of the development time! Developement time is only around 5 minutes.

I havn’t had enough time to see how it fades (if it does) yet, but it will most likely only fade like the regular Black and White which just goes a little brownish (instead of black).

First photo is of my motorbike, shows faded Impossible Black and White film. Second photo is of Shane Told to show a regular and recent photo of Impossible Black and White film. Third is the Black Frame Gen 2 Black and White Impossible film.

NOTE: I have only used 600 film due to only having a 600 camera.




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