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Free Comic Book Day


free comic day


May 2nd was the first Free Comic Book Day I was out for! I am all about experiencing the new things in life and appreciating the small things. I also took an old friend (who has never even been to comic book store in her life) along for the day. As I was at the Sunshine Coast, my Free Comic Book Day was spent at Urban Fiction in Nambour. They had artists in for the day and Free comic’s all around, even my friend picked up a free Spongebob comic. I am in love with this store, them being the only comic book store I have been to that has Emily the Strange in stock. The rest of my day was Lunch and beach time with my (may as well be) family in law, with a chill movie night to end it.


More photos on @mac_kb_eth  Instagram

To find out more about Free Comic Book Day, google it!

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