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Dalai Lama in Australia

dalai lama



I must say before I get started, I don’t believe in any religion I just simply believe what I believe. I believe what inspired me to see His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was simple words of wisdom that he has said previously, such as “My religion is kindness” & “Love is the absence of judgement.”


I am aware that some people may thing his holiness is just someone that thinks he knows everything. I can assure you that is not the case, he references books in his teaching and will only tell you what he knows. In the public teaching his holiness used the phrase “I dunno” a few times. Another thing to know about his holiness is that he has a sense of humour and a witty laugh, the experience was not what I expected. I expected seriousness for some reason? But this nearly 80 year old knows how to make a crowd laugh!


Before the public teaching began his holiness was able to answer questions from people attending. The teaching was mostly about how to conduct one’s life and how to construct social policies that reflect Buddhist ideals. While I believe in unbiased love I am far from reaching the state of love half the humans in that room were at.


I will quote some of the teaching and I hope you get something out of it



[Bodhisattvas] stay for a limitless time [in the world]; For limitless embodied beings they seek The limitless [good qualities of] enlightenment And perform limitless virtuous actions.



The physical sufferings of bad transmigrations, Such as hunger and thirst arise from ill deeds; Bodhisattvas do not commit ill deeds, And due to meritorious deeds do not have physical suffering in other lives.



The limitlessness of a Buddha’s [good qualities] Is said to be like the limitlessness of space, earth, water, fire, And wind in all directions.



The public talk later in the day was much easier to follow as his holiness was mainly talking of love and the two kinds of love humans can have for one another. Before the talk started a few humans can on stage to talk about what they do, the head of the Wake Up Project (see my Instagram), the Traditional owners of our land were acknowledged and the head of the Australian Tibet council spoke. His holiness was welcomed on stage by Ian Thorpe and Meshel Laurie. First his holiness said his piece, standing at a microphone then proceeded to sit with Ian and Meshel who asked him questions that humans of Queensland had sent in.

My Notes:


To be [Buddhist] they hold others as more important than oneself


Effortless compassion and Endless enlightenment


Future [of the world] depend on humanity


With destruction how can we build happy humanity


Through education the next generation can be the more peaceful generation, see wider perspective


Build peaceful society by inner peace


Inner peace = love, compassion, affection


Real basis of peace is own happiness


Change for the level of humanity start from single person


Firs love is bias, second love is unbiased –  unbiased love being


Things is relative


All humanity is brothers, is sisters


All in all it was an amazing experience, I can’t wait to read one of his holiness’ books and to experience unbiased love, I’m working on it! When all the attendees proceeded out of the Brisbane Convention Centre there were protesters against his holiness (beats me why)  as well as for his holiness.

Photographs can be found on my Instagram and below


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