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Charm with Me subscription box


The purpose of this blogpost is to give a honest review of the Charm With Me club subscription box. I first saw this box on Instagram as I follow a lot of accounts that focus on books. The first charms I saw were Harry Potter, so obviously I was excited. I received my first Charm With Me box in September. The September theme was Defense Against the Dark Arts. As it was my first box it was slightly more expensive as my bracelet come with it, I chose the double wrap Lace. For Defense Against the Dark Arts they had simple silver charms with spells on them and it was beautiful, I loved it.





The next month October, was Disney Princess themed. I do love Disney! The Disney princess was Cinderella and the box came with 4 Cinderella themed charms and 2 blue decorative beads. It was great value but also a little too girly for me.




November was Fantastic Beasts theme and I was so excited! I received the box, still excited as I am a big Harry Potter fan. I opened the box and I was instantly disappointed. It had 3 charms in the box, which is the smallest amount I have received since subscribing. The main charm (Magical Congress of the United States of America) is a beautiful charm and is so well made. I don’t know what I expected, I just expected more. Maybe I have too high of expectations?




I have already paid for my Star Wars themed box I believe, and I will be stoked to get it. I think after that I will be cancelling my subscription as it is quite expensive in $AUD. Charm with Me does have the greatest customer service from a online store that I have ever received.

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