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Brisnova 2015


If you follow on my ventures you would know that Supanova is a regular for me. This Brisnova I was not volunteering for Supanova but for Kia Carrington-Russell my talented author friend. I have previously reviewed one of Kia’s books on my blog:

So far Kia has fantasy, sci-fi, romance and erotica(for18+ only) in her published works. I recommend taking the time to check them out (available in paperbacks and ebooks). Experiencing Supanova thisway is a tad pricey (so I’m told) and rather drainig but most definatly worth it. If you exhibit, I suggest taking an extra human, like Kia took me, for bathroom breaks and food breaks. Don’t wanna leave that table unattended!

Kia made some sales and got great exposure from this experience.

The only demo/panel/talk I left the table for was Colour Theory by Adam Nichols. Being a photographer I already knew possibly more of the terms than the average human. The thing I was interested in is colour emotion as I am not up to speed with that. Adam has a book (also an ebook) called understanding colour that I will invest in and review soon.

I of course, had my eye out for the greatest cosplayers of the weekend and my personal favourite and I believe most well done was Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist.DSC_1264

All photos taken here:

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