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19 Mar 2015
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Delicious Skin Taster Box review

del skin

I have been wanting to try all of these products since first receiving the Deliciously Smooth Exfoliating Mask in my Sept 2014 Vegan box. The precious day I received the taster in the mail I couldn’t figure out if I wanted it on my face or if I wanted to eat it! Now, to the review…


The Deliciously Clean Butter Cleanser is the first step in your daily routine for the Delicious Skin set. Before I say something to make you think the worst, please know my skin (like my hair) is very fair and dry so heavy conditioning makes it feel greasy. The Butter Cleanser is too heavy for my skin, but a friend has used it and told me it is great and made her skin feel smooth as. If you are unsure I defiantly suggest a taster first!


Deliciously Supple Silk Serum is great for the moisture you need for your face, especially in rather windy weather! Directions say 3-4 drops a day but I have found 2 to be enough for my skin. It provides hydration that is much needed in the mountains where I am and I also recommend it for beach goers as the sun and salt can really dry you out.


Follow the Silk Serum up with Deliciously Soft Moisturising Cream for that little extra hydration! Note: also makes you want to eat your face. Others may also feel this effect. It does not have to be used exclusively on your face, I find it amazing for my hands also as they get the most exposure to everything. As a bonus, Deliciously Soft Moisturising Cream is great for after shaving your legs; no stinging, all natural.


For the occasional weekly (or bi weekly) scrub you have the Deliciously Smooth Exfoliating Mask. Smells of Vanilla Oats; very scrumptious and the crumby texture makes it an easier choice in regards to how much you wish to use. After the 10 mins of it working its magic on your face, you wipe it away to the smoothest feeling skin that I have ever felt. Very in love with this Mask!


Last and most certainly not least the Deliciously Silky Lip Salve. It smells similar to the moisturiser but with more of a hint of cocoa. Smelling of cocoa and vanilla and making your lips smooth (works as well as everything else in this box), it is perfect for the hydration wanted from lip salve, as well as making you want to bite your lip constantly (yum yum). Others may like the lip biting too!


The packaging throughout is perfection as glass is the most reusable, assuming you don’t break it. Deliciously Silky Lip Salve is in a tiny tin perfect for any size handbag you may take out. If the taster pack amazes you like it did me the smaller jar sizes are perfect to refill for travel.


Absolutely nothing better than natural, vegan and palm oil free. I will be buying some of these things to replace more common brands.

04 Mar 2015
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Soundwave weekend


As a majority of everyone was at Soundwave, I was also with a smaller camera so I can see everyone I want to see and still get decent photographs (this would not happen if I was an official photographer).


My weekend started Thursday night with Papa Roach Sidewave (as a photographer). The first band Nonpoint were ON POINT, and the windmills from the entire band made for amazing photos! Godsmack were second but technically co headlining with Papa Roach, and apart from their stage presence the lighting guy was also a genius! Papa Roach are a band I have wanted to see for a very long time and shooting them was surreal, Jacoby Shaddix has so much energy on stage! I swear he moves around more than Crafter. They played all the favourites and a couple of new songs. In the photo pit was 2 of my fellow photographers/friends Wezzy Cruze Productions and What Is Rock Photography and newly made friend Gethin Hill Photography, so for even more photos go check them all out!


SOUNDWAVE! That’s about how excited I get every year, Soundwave is my favourite day of the year and this year it was all weekend! I will not tell you every band I saw but there is photos on my Instagram @mac_kb_eth and there will be more on my Facebook page (note: photographs are from my Sony). Just know it was AMAZING especially Confession, in the mosh pit was what I assume was a 12 year old, all I know is that kid is a LEGEND! The other amazing acts were Slash, Falling in Reverse and Atreyu. Really stand out acts and I was not expecting it.

Sunday was unfortunate with my zipper breaking before I got there and having to buy new pants, also making me late to Deathstars.


Over the course of the weekend I also contributed some of my rules for concert life on Instagram as #kbconcertliferules (note: these are my set rules, not for everyone). I will continue to add to these rules so watch the hashtag!


As I was busy throughout the weekend I had not checked my email and the surprise I woke up to Monday was pleasant and most welcome! I am going to be in the Film Never Die Polaroid Exhibition! (Pretty please book shoots so I can go to Melbourne for the opening) 2015 is the year for macKBeth!

23 Feb 2015
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Sorry it has been a while but as you may know already, I have re located to Brisbane and have made more progress toward my business. If you are in Brisbane and need a photographer I do have some time in the first week of March. This blog post is about +BIRO+ the collaborative exhibition started by Bronte Naylor (Toowoomba artist currently based in cairns), also a catch up of projects!


The end of 2014 was eventful as I met a lovely human called Bronte Naylor. I showed up at the Grid to do some work (aka sweeping floors) on day what I thought was like any other day. Walking through the front door revealed a big drop sheet covering the ex-Bunker space, me being the curious human I am had to take a look! A mural had been started, and what a mural it was! Covering the entire end wall and needing ladders and chairs just to work on it.


In the days to come I spent more time with Bronte, Vee (co-worker and friend) and good mate Craig Seibel. Then I went off to Brisbane for a concert and a wedding, just to come back to Bronte telling me “you’re in an exhibition”, seriously I leave for 24 hours! Just kidding. I was so happy they had thought to include me! After this I was informed of a primary colour theme, Bronte = Blue. Craig = Yellow. Myself = Red. The following days consisted of planning, editing as we had chosen Kaleidoscopes for me, and promoting.


+BIRO+ opened on a Wednesday night and being a pop up show was only up for that week. Night before the opening was a mission to hang and decorate the space, with sunflowers. An amazing experience shared with amazing humans! The opening was a success with help from the lovely Vee, everyone important came to see all the works together. I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet an amazing human and to exhibit next to two!


After BIRO the end of year was just Santa photos, Christmas Carol photos and family time. The new year brang new life, as it does, with a job (that I didn’t stick with) and moving to Brisbane after a photo shoot in Toowoomba. Brisbane is an amazing place for macKBeth Photography, soo many gigs already and its only Feb! In addition to concerts, I have acquired work for an Art Gallery, a few brands and another amazing human that does Burlesque. All caught up! What has everyone else been up to?


Sideshow Alley 3

P.S. I have a little project on Instagram this coming weekend to coincide with going to Soundwave, just follow @mac_kb_eth and keep an eye out for the tag #kbconcertliferules

29 Nov 2014
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Bellabox review


October bellabox



  • Kester Black for bellabox – Coral Me Maybe
  • Glam-It! Make up brush – Cheek fan brush
  • Priya Body Balance bar – Natural goats milk
  • Mor hand cream
  • Sleek makeup Pout Paint – Pinkini
  • Pantene shampoo & conditioner


As I received it on Halloween I took the photographs on a spider web backdrop.


For my first beauty subscription box I was delighted!


So to start with Kester Black nail polish, I chew my nails (bad habit I know) but I can’t wait to use it. It has great texture and its 100% vegan! Huge bonus!


So Glam-It! Cheek fan brush is actually so helpful as it is not something I have gone out and bought for myself.


Goats milk Priya body balance bar is a good thing for me as I have sensitive skin and normal soap is a no-go. Good going bellabox!


Mor hand cream, smelt great but for sensitive skin its very heavy even for hands. Might be perfect for others!


Sleek makeup Pout Paint is so perfect and the bright pink colour I received is something I have been wearing a lot of lately (hair colour, dresses and lipstick) I was so pleased (as the lipstick was not mine)


Pantene is terrible for my hair as it is so thin and pantene makes it feel very heavy so I didn’t even try it. The bottles were perfect travel size and my friend loves pantene so it was quite swell.


Note: Everything (except Pantene) is Palm Oil free which makes me happy!!

10 Oct 2014
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Unscrumpleunscrumple is an exhibition of photographs by Craig Seibel and curated by Lucy Whithers.

Craig Seibel is a master in most forms of photography but his personal wanderlust makes his main form, a travel photographer. The photographs for his exhibition were taken on a trip to New Zealand at the start of 2014. The projections of these images only started 2 months ago. The idea of “unscrumple”ing came from a class a TAFE when his lecturer wanted to throw away a background that was no longer able to be used as such. Seibel took the background and made a new idea, to project memories onto something tossed away. 9 of the photographs on display are his New Zealand photographs project onto a crumpled old background then photographed again and printed to watercolour paper. The other 3 of his prints are his photos from that trip on the watercolour paper and then crumpled, to give his exhibition the texture he is aiming for.

Housed up at theGRID in the ex Bunker records space it was a small venue, perfect for a pop up show. The installation of the show was so different in that all the works were not hung the same, a point of difference from the exhibitions on One wall and MARS. Being that the exhibition was about foggy, blurry, crumpled ideas the work were not the same sizes, the same height on the wall nor the same spacing apart, and it worked perfectly.

Photos of the install and opening!

unscrumple opened Oct 3rd and is on display until closing night Oct 10th at MARS on theGRID: hybrid arts collective. Lvl 1  488 Ruthven St, Toowoomba


19 Sep 2014
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The Vegan Box September 2014

vegan boxThe Vegan Box

The September edition of The Vegan Box was my first of any sort of subscription box and I was pleasantly surprised. I honestly did not know what to expect upon receiving it but after opening the plastic and seeing what can only be described as an adorable cardboard box, I was convinced I made a solid purchase. As it is full of vegan products, I thought the veggie patch was the perfect place to lay it out!

The September Vegan Box contents:

  • The Vegan Teahouse Chocolate & Walnut Brownie
  • Screaming Seeds Moroccan Cous Cous
  • Resparkle Organic Floor Cleaner Concentrate
  • Life To You Raw Raspberry Macaroons
  • Delicious Skin Deliciously Smooth Exfoliating Mask
  • Happiness & Wellbeing Magazine 3mnth Subscription
  • Nutraorganics CocoBiotics Probiotic Energy bar
  • Gobble Organic Sultanas


First of the bat the Chocolate & Walnut Brownie, when I ate it, it was a tad crumbly but it had been in my bag for a while but none the less it was delicious. I am not normally a fan of any kind of nuts in my food but unlike the other examples I have had in my life it did not detract from the chocolate flavour.

The Moroccan Cous Cous I made into a chickpea, feta and vegetable cous cous. The cous cous was cooked in vegetable stock, The Moroccan flavouring made for a more flavoursome meal.

As for the Resparkle Organic Floor Cleaner, I have never been so excited to clean a floor! What’s that about?

Life to You Raw Raspberry Macaroons were not to my liking, they had what I would describe as a peculiar. Rather moist yet crumby in texture and left me with a bad aftertaste. I’m sure it’s just my tastebuds as my mate liked the one I gave him.

My Delicious Skin Deliciously Smooth Exfoliating Mask is being saved for when it is a little warmer in Toowoomba. The texture however is just gorgeous.

Happiness & Wellbeing Magazine is already a magazine I love and as I tend to not be able to get it every month, I was stoked to have this included.

OH MY GOSH! Nutraorganics CocoBiotics Energy Bar was possibly the best thing I have ever tasted with it being chocolate and coconut flavour. I would 110% eat one everyday if it wasn’t $50 for a box of 12, oh how I wish I had the money!

I am not a sultana human on any level but I still tried some Gobble Organic Sultanas for the sake of my review. It just reconfirmed my dislike for sultanas but I will say this much, they were juicy and full of flavour.



12 Sep 2014
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Music Seen

Music SeenMusic Seen is about the All Ages music scene in Toowoomba and its decrease over the past few years.

This exhibition (Music Seen) is my first solo exhibition since starting my professional career over 2 years ago. Those 2 years make quiet a difference in that I never even thought of having my very own exhibition back then! However time does not change some things, a photograph of my very first concert as a professional is on show.

The Regional Arts Development Fund is funding my exhibition by way of an RADF grant. I am so very grateful to them and all the people who helped me along the way. These people include all of my Family, my TAFE teachers Alison Ahlhaus and Doug Spowart along with my TAFE mates. The biggest thank you however goes to my boss and an amazing human being, Alison Mooney (co-director of theGRID).

Photographs of my work can be seen on my Flickr account (link below) and some of the opening night, but photos don’t do it justice. The opening night was such a success with a full gallery for myself and ONEwall artist Emily Donaldson. We both received such praise from Mooney as she was opening. As an extra to my opening, I booked Brisbane band The Lost Knights to play (their first Toowoomba show), the crowd went crazy for them! I believe another trip to Toowoomba for them is in order, and soon.

As hectic as this experience was I would love to have another exhibition of my own, mind you next time I will need to be more organised!




Music Seen opened Sept 5th and is on display until Oct 3rd at MARS on theGRID: hybrid arts collective. Lvl 1  488 Ruthven St, Toowoomba