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26 Jun 2015
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AIRWAVES Issue 2 progress & Competition


This is the front cover of Issue 2 of AIRWAVES! AIRWAVES Issue 2 is very limited edition so if you didn’t pledge my Melbourne trip or if you didn’t get your beautiful face in it, you will not be able to get one! It is going to print next week (sorry about the delay, printing issues), now I have a competition in place.

As of yesterday one of my web genius friends made it so you can subscribe to my blog on my website! So if you go to the bottom of my website you will find the subscribe box.

The winners (yes there is 2!) will be chosen at random from the list of subscribers, one winner will recieve AIRWAVES Issue 2 and the second winner will recieve their choice of print or a $25 voucher toward my services.

So Subscribe and you can find out the other competitions I will be running in the coming months. Comp ends July 1st so spread the love guys

xx KB

20 Jun 2015
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Gen 2 review



If you have ever used the Impossible Project films you would know about the beautiful and sometimes frustrating results achieved. Black and While Impossible film has always been my weakness, I have always found it to be more tempermental than the colour.

This review of the Gen 2.0 Black and White comes a little late as I waited a while for it to come in the mail.

The Gen 2 in comparison to regular Black and White Impossible is AMAZING! I always thought my Black and White Impossible needed more contrast (I love trasty black & white photographs) and the Gen 2 delivers. Not only that but no sheilding (just like it says) and the developing time is amazing, I thought I just taken an instax photo (except it was black & white) because of the development time! Developement time is only around 5 minutes.

I havn’t had enough time to see how it fades (if it does) yet, but it will most likely only fade like the regular Black and White which just goes a little brownish (instead of black).

First photo is of my motorbike, shows faded Impossible Black and White film. Second photo is of Shane Told to show a regular and recent photo of Impossible Black and White film. Third is the Black Frame Gen 2 Black and White Impossible film.

NOTE: I have only used 600 film due to only having a 600 camera.




15 Jun 2015
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Dalai Lama in Australia

dalai lama



I must say before I get started, I don’t believe in any religion I just simply believe what I believe. I believe what inspired me to see His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was simple words of wisdom that he has said previously, such as “My religion is kindness” & “Love is the absence of judgement.”


I am aware that some people may thing his holiness is just someone that thinks he knows everything. I can assure you that is not the case, he references books in his teaching and will only tell you what he knows. In the public teaching his holiness used the phrase “I dunno” a few times. Another thing to know about his holiness is that he has a sense of humour and a witty laugh, the experience was not what I expected. I expected seriousness for some reason? But this nearly 80 year old knows how to make a crowd laugh!


Before the public teaching began his holiness was able to answer questions from people attending. The teaching was mostly about how to conduct one’s life and how to construct social policies that reflect Buddhist ideals. While I believe in unbiased love I am far from reaching the state of love half the humans in that room were at.


I will quote some of the teaching and I hope you get something out of it



[Bodhisattvas] stay for a limitless time [in the world]; For limitless embodied beings they seek The limitless [good qualities of] enlightenment And perform limitless virtuous actions.



The physical sufferings of bad transmigrations, Such as hunger and thirst arise from ill deeds; Bodhisattvas do not commit ill deeds, And due to meritorious deeds do not have physical suffering in other lives.



The limitlessness of a Buddha’s [good qualities] Is said to be like the limitlessness of space, earth, water, fire, And wind in all directions.



The public talk later in the day was much easier to follow as his holiness was mainly talking of love and the two kinds of love humans can have for one another. Before the talk started a few humans can on stage to talk about what they do, the head of the Wake Up Project (see my Instagram), the Traditional owners of our land were acknowledged and the head of the Australian Tibet council spoke. His holiness was welcomed on stage by Ian Thorpe and Meshel Laurie. First his holiness said his piece, standing at a microphone then proceeded to sit with Ian and Meshel who asked him questions that humans of Queensland had sent in.

My Notes:


To be [Buddhist] they hold others as more important than oneself


Effortless compassion and Endless enlightenment


Future [of the world] depend on humanity


With destruction how can we build happy humanity


Through education the next generation can be the more peaceful generation, see wider perspective


Build peaceful society by inner peace


Inner peace = love, compassion, affection


Real basis of peace is own happiness


Change for the level of humanity start from single person


Firs love is bias, second love is unbiased –  unbiased love being


Things is relative


All humanity is brothers, is sisters


All in all it was an amazing experience, I can’t wait to read one of his holiness’ books and to experience unbiased love, I’m working on it! When all the attendees proceeded out of the Brisbane Convention Centre there were protesters against his holiness (beats me why)  as well as for his holiness.

Photographs can be found on my Instagram and below


24 May 2015
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First Coat 15


first coatFirst Coat is a street art festival held in Toowoomba, QLD. Brought to the town by Kontraband Studios with ongoing help from Analogue Digital and Ironlak among others. 2015 being the second festival to happen, the first happened in 2014 on Feb 21-23. This years festival was May 16-18 with the official Launch Party on Saturday night the 16th. The 3 day festival expanded this year with festival HQ (Kontraband Studios) having bands both weekend days, along with the shop open and exhibition by Mik Shida called Premonitions hung ready for Saturday morning. Launch Party on Saturday, the main act Regurgitator had Toowoomba in high spirits! Other launch party acts include L Fresh the Lion and special guests. The weekend for me was busy as I was a volunteer and keeping the artists fed was a task, but I squeezed in some Sneaky Portraits over the weekend (on my website soon).


This is only a blog post so I will not spoil too much as the full story will be in AIRWAVES issue 2.


First Coat 2014 photos:


First Coat 2015 photos:



08 May 2015
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Free Comic Book Day


free comic day


May 2nd was the first Free Comic Book Day I was out for! I am all about experiencing the new things in life and appreciating the small things. I also took an old friend (who has never even been to comic book store in her life) along for the day. As I was at the Sunshine Coast, my Free Comic Book Day was spent at Urban Fiction in Nambour. They had artists in for the day and Free comic’s all around, even my friend picked up a free Spongebob comic. I am in love with this store, them being the only comic book store I have been to that has Emily the Strange in stock. The rest of my day was Lunch and beach time with my (may as well be) family in law, with a chill movie night to end it.


More photos on @mac_kb_eth  Instagram

To find out more about Free Comic Book Day, google it!

10 Apr 2015
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Polaroid Resurrection/Melbourne Trip

melbourneMy first day in Melbourne started at 10:30am when I arrived at the airport, the rest of the day was travelling to where I would be staying and a late lunch. Thursday the second day I just headed into the city to explore with a quick stop into Photonet Gallery where Polaroid Resurrection was to be held. I signed my print for the exhibition and made a new friend or 2 in Gary Wong from Film Never Die and Michael Silver from Photonet Gallery. In the city I got to see so many people! A random comedy act in a little stage in the park some little places and cafes, but I didn’t stop at the cafes as the seating was outside and it was cold! I found an amazing bakery near Flinders St station called Bon Bons it was warm and inviting and they make the best Iced Chocolate I have ever had. I made my way to check out Michaels Camera Museum, not a waste of time, so many dream cameras. On my way back to the boys place I got the best message you can receive “where are you? I got a bottle of rum waiting for you.” That night went how you would guess.


Good Friday to me, is spending time with people you love, so I went to visit my best friend who I hadn’t seen in over 6 months. Friday night was the opening for Polaroid resurrection, lots of people with Polaroids in one room! I had forgotten my polaroid, silly me, but I was present for speeches and photos. Yes there is a polaroid of everyone! Minus who took it. The opening meant more meeting people such as Eric, Wei Wei and Kim of Film Never Die. One of the artists of a Polaroid in the exhibition was from NSW and was there for the opening!


Saturday was pretty chill went to Repco, which there is a pet shop next door…. I GOT TO CUDDLE A BUNNY RABBIT! Pet shops are very understanding if you say you are from QLD, I cuddled a boy rabbit (pictures on flickr) and kind of named him Gerald. The afternoon brought a movie outing with Mick, Josh and Matty to see Fast and Furious 7. A real tear jerker and great movie. The Easter bunny came while we were at the movies. Sunday morning was an early one to head into Queen Victoria Markets with Deb, Josh and Matty, my only purchase being Frozen Uno. I also received a gift, an I love Melbourne shirt. A bit of shopping afterwards so it was quite a big day. A rest day followed.


Tuesday was a rainy day so I only went out in the afternoon, a last visit to the Gallery to see my photo hanging on the wall and say a farewell to my new friend Michael. I also took another trip into the city, this time exploring near the river, a bridge of locks where people in love are on there forever and are together (I am a sucker for the sweet things) and a visit to Eureka Skydeck. Melbourne is massive and so beautiful of a night time, the Skydeck however is not for those with a fear of heights, something I do not experience.


Wednesday, my last day. I woke early in the Morning to go see my best friend again. Once I had visited for long enough I went on a venture to see the Film Never Die shop as I had not yet dropped in. It is down a beautiful Lane and the people at Film Never Die are lovely. I of course got too much film, spent too much money, Polaroid is like that. My favourite part was meeting the Film guy, aka Sebastian, aka Sebastemulsion. An interesting human. Then Aaron drove me to the airport with Mick as tag along, a short wait for a night time flight.

Bye Bye Melbourne.

Happy Easter from Melbourne everyone sorry it’s a bit late!


For photos of my trip as it was happening look at #kbmelb on Instagram


Thank You to all my lovely pledgers, you will all be in AIRWAVES.

Thank You to Gary and everyone at Film Never Die.

Thank You to Michael Silver from Photonet Gallery.

Thank You to Mick, Deb, Aaron, Josh and Matty for having me.

Thank You Melbourne.

NOTE: this is just a blog post, stories about Melbourne and more pictures will be in AIRWAVES, and some photographs only my pledgers will see.

31 Mar 2015
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El Grande/Gladstone


This blog post is about El Grande Festival Brisbane and Gladstone. Also a little bit of family stories for those who may like to hear them.


My week started Friday the 20th at the Brisbane El Grande at the Hifi. All the bands were amazing and (I may be bias as the Hifi is one of my favourite venues) sounded great. Shocked, I was to see upstairs closed and even more shocked to see only 2 other photographers and a videographer. This is a big event and I was most definatly expecting more. I did get to meet Markus Ravik, a photographer whos work I like a lot. And bonus points to the guys as the Hifi is near Beach Burrito!


Saturday, as much as I wanted to be at El Grande Gladstone Day 1, I stayed at home to help my father work on some things.


Sunday was an early one to arrive in time, we rode the entire way (in 4 hours mind you) on a motorbike and made it to Gladstone with enough time for a catch up and swim with my family. The Grand hotel was the lucky venue for El Grande Gladstone this year with a main stage and a corner stage. The layout was definatly a good one as the band room was directly behind the merch wall. The bands may disagree as load in/out requires stairs. I really enjoy shooting shows with Shaun Watson of What Is Rock Photography and Wezley Pitt of Wezzy Cruze productions, I also shot with both these guys at Papa Roach!


Nathan Bedford and Tim Price did a great job with the line up and set up, venues, everything! Much love for those guys.


The rest of my time was spent with family, Dutch family I havn’t seen in 8 years and some of my Perth family I have seen in a few years. Monday was a bit of a slack day but in the afternoon we headed to my Aunties place for a visit with her, Channy and Dani (my cousins) we ended up with Nanna, my other cousin Chris and Jenny & Peter (dutch relatives along with Dani) for dinner, family chats and a game of Pictionary made fun with a language barrier and really suss looking drawings including a bookmark that is a doodle.


Tuesday my Auntie Cindy and her daughter Charlie arrived from Perth at around 10am in my great Uncles Mustang (for a photo check mac_kb_eth on instagram) and the entire of the Family that was there spent most of the day in the pool (pictured). In the afternoon the Photographers of the family of which there are a few and some others including Rocky (dog) went to east shores down on the Marina, and to the lookout for some nice photo opportunities and playing on swingsets etc. that night was a big family dinner with all pool goers at a smorgasboard chinese restaurant that included rum and fortune cookies.


All in all great family time and writing this is nearly making me cry as I miss them all! Already!


Wednesday was another ride home to see my girls (duckys and chooks) and dogs who were all still alive thanks to Jade (sister in law) and to get to work with dad.


El Grande Brisbane

28 Days

Dream On, Dreamer



Guards of May

Vessel Born


El Grande Gladstone Day 2

Dream On Dreamer

D at Sea

Tiki Taane

The City Shakeup



Red in Tooth


Animal Throwdown




NOTE: This is only a sneak peek of El Grande Festival, full story in AIRWAVES issue 1 along with the Melbourne trip.