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02 Dec 2015
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Brisnova 2015


If you follow on my ventures you would know that Supanova is a regular for me. This Brisnova I was not volunteering for Supanova but for Kia Carrington-Russell my talented author friend. I have previously reviewed one of Kia’s books on my blog:

So far Kia has fantasy, sci-fi, romance and erotica(for18+ only) in her published works. I recommend taking the time to check them out (available in paperbacks and ebooks). Experiencing Supanova thisway is a tad pricey (so I’m told) and rather drainig but most definatly worth it. If you exhibit, I suggest taking an extra human, like Kia took me, for bathroom breaks and food breaks. Don’t wanna leave that table unattended!

Kia made some sales and got great exposure from this experience.

The only demo/panel/talk I left the table for was Colour Theory by Adam Nichols. Being a photographer I already knew possibly more of the terms than the average human. The thing I was interested in is colour emotion as I am not up to speed with that. Adam has a book (also an ebook) called understanding colour that I will invest in and review soon.

I of course, had my eye out for the greatest cosplayers of the weekend and my personal favourite and I believe most well done was Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist.DSC_1264

All photos taken here:

29 Oct 2015
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Cruelty Free Festival



Before this starts, I am not here to say go vegetarian, go vegan. That’s not me. I just want to share some things from my day at Cruelty Free Festival.

To start with I was very concerned about going to Sydney for Cruelty Free Festival because the vegans I had met before were THOSE vegans. I am sure we have all met one of THOSE vegans, you know the ones that make you want to eat THEM just so they will shut up because they are so rude! They are not all like that! Everyone at Cruelty Free Festival was lovely, even a few vegans I met randomly while traveling, lovely. Being vegan doesn’t make them rude, that’s their personality same as everyone.

The main theme that was not present at Cruelty Free Festival was the crude images shown to us humans. The point was more positive, this I love. Even though you are very clearly at a festival for living Cruelty Free, no one would talk to you about the stall or the work they do unless you go up to them (same as you would not be reading this if you didn’t click on it).

I could go on forever about ALL of the stalls that were there. Lord of the Fries! So being from QLD I had not had it yet. You know when you go to Soundwave or a Festival and its 5 bucks for a tiny cup of chips that does nothing but make your hunger more apparent? The fries I got were not like that at all, I got full (to be fair I don’t eat heaps) from the 5 bucks of fries I got! Great value.

Chocolate, cause who doesn’t like chocolate!? The Chocolate Yogi has great flavours of white, milk and dark chocolate, my favourite is the dark with cherry and coconut. Chiafull has the best Banana Chia I have ever tasted, most are terrible! Over the Moo, coconut milk ice cream that is to die for, also the names are puns (which is great if you ask me).

Food aside, Cruelty Free Festival also had something for everyone. Music, VIP speakers, cooking demos, personal trainers, bodybuilders, hair and beard care for men, cosmetics, skincare (Delicious Skin, check it), books and all amounts of organisations. Not to mention so many punters brought along dogs (someone even had a piglet) so cuteness all around! Cuteness was very apparent at Greyhound Rescue stall!

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are not doing enough! Yes the best thing to do is Volunteer as all of what you put it goes to the cause you are supporting but giving money is also helping they need that to show people what goes on, to advertise and to do all the work they do. If you are doing anything, like eating LESS meat, checking which products you buy have palm oil and not buying ones with unsustainable palm oil, you are amazing for what you are doing. We can all do more but don’t let that retract from what you have done.

I also received a Cruelty Free Festival showbag which has things from stall holders in it. Information, stickers and samples of toothpaste, soap and food. My teeth are really loving the organic banana toothpaste with my charcoal toothbrush! Volunteering is a great way to see the festival as well as help this festival continue.

05 Oct 2015
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Update Oct 2015

DSC_0086This blogpost is an update on all my projects which include special things (some free) for my customers and subscribers!


So last year and 2013 I put a lot of effort into a book on Australian Music! As Music Seen took over my year I kinda put it on the back burner but now I am motivated again I will be finishing it. It will be smaller than I originally planned. I will be making it a free eBook for my subscribers! I will also have it as a print version to order (obviously it will not be free). I hope to have this finished by the end of this year.


My “Unicorn Project” Good Old Fashion Gratification is on track, I am filling out RADF paperwork as you read this. I have researched my but off looking at microphones for my documentary, art galleries for the exhibition and artisans (great word, thanks Grace) in my area. So in my exhibition there will be prints as well as a slide projector with images documenting the hard work put into keeping older processes alive. The documentary will be shown opening night as well as get entered into film festivals. I intend to show people the beauty of putting in great effort for a quality result!


My time in Sydney will be from the 22nd to the 26th of this month. So if you know of anyone wanting great photos, adventures or company, let me know!


My final news is that I have finally applied for an artist residency! Actually 2! I have applied for one at Byron Bay and the other is in Fremantle. I honestly hope I get one as it is a life goal of mine.


That is all my news, what are you all up to?

27 Sep 2015
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Token Huntress Book Review


Before I begin, you are probably thinking she is a photographer, what does she know about books? Well anyone that knows me well enough knows I cannot correct grammar but I know when something is a good story.

Token Huntress is the first book in a series, written by Kia Carrington-Russell, she has said that of all of her books this was the most fun to write. You can tell it was fun to write by reading it. As a photographer (someone who is good at capturing stories and moments) it bewilders me how authors come up with these amazing stories.

Now I won’t give away too much but Token Huntress has vampires in it but if you expect it to be anything like Twilight you will be very disappointed. This book is basically about the end of the world with a twist. Ok it’s more than one twist but if you anything like me you will guess one before it happens and the other will make your jaw hit the floor! The main character is not human although at times you can resonate with her, everyone has struggles, everyone can understand making choices.

It is a peculiar storyline but exquisite writing. Kia has a unique view on the end of the world (fiction of course) and has upped the standard of fiction coming from Australian Authors. The last time I had this much interest in a fiction novel was the Maximum Ride series from James Patterson. The style of writing so you feel the need to hold onto all details and continue to see what comes next also reminds me of the Max Ride series.

I was very pleased with the reaction I had to Token Huntress as I am someone who loves books but it is rare that I get one that I refuse to put down.

Token Vampire (book 2) due for release Dec 5th.

01 Sep 2015
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Update Sept 1st 2015


Hey lovely humans!

Sorry I have been MIA, I uh crashed my car and had no choice but to take a break. I am back though, and today I started The Unicorn Project by The Darling Tree. The Unicorn Project is about that one big project you just can’t wrap your head around! I have been meaning to start this project for about a year. My project is called ‘Good Old Fashioned Gratification’ and its about all the things everyone takes for granted these days. The goal of the project is an exhibition with a documentary to show opening night. I will document humans who do things the way they used to like playing records, building furniture with hand tools and hand developing film. I will document it it video form for the documentary and on film for the exhibition (after all it is about doing it the old fashioned way).


Thanks for reading my update! I am very appreciative and if there is anything you think I should put in a blog post or if there is anything you want to know, just tell me!

08 Jul 2015
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All YOU need to know


This blog post is about you! Yes, you. I want you to know me so if you choose to work with me or hire me, you know what you are getting. A little background, what I have done to make this the best experience for you and why I blog.


Background on macKBeth, the word macbeth came from my love of the shoe brand, not from Shakespeare but as that had nothing to do with my name the KB is to show my involvement. KB is my initials incase you don’t know, my name is Kirsten Butters. My logo is red and black (sometimes white with black background) mainly because that is what people see me in as it is pretty much my entire wardrobe. Red is also the colour of passion and my passion is photography!


The simpleness of my logo and business is to not confuse anyone, I choose a simple logo as on my card the photograph speaks. There is no false advertising I am not here to mislead you.


You want to have the best and I want you to have the best. I studied Photoimaging for 2 years and came out with a Diploma to show what I can do and give potential clients (that’s you) an idea of what I can do.


I enjoy shooting events and special moments in peoples lives, whether it be screaming out the lyrics to their favourite song at a concert or a 60th Wedding Anniversary (the Anniversary was a beautiful moment). For this reason I don’t want potential clients to be a stranger toward me, I’m not saying I need to be your new best friend but don’t ever be shy about what you want.


As for my Photoshop skills there are things I can do that I am not fond of and do not do everyday but don’t doubt the skill is there. This does not mean I can make you lose 10kgs in photos (sorry about that!) but if you feel like that mole is not a beauty spot it can go. I can however make you blue like a Smurf if you find that exciting!


As to why I blog, obviously I blog to share photographs mainly but in things like reviews there is information about products you may like, exhibitions you may want to see and events you may want to hear about (along with my photographs of the topic). Some reviews have been at the request of the other party, my belief is they would like a unique point of view and possibly my honesty. If you have any ideas or requests of what you would definitely like to see on my blog, please make a suggestion.


My hashtag on Instagram: #mackbethphotography


To see specific  projects on Instagram

#mackbethinspo (for a pick me up, NOTE: quotes are not mine, only photos)

#mackbethnature (when you need to get back to nature)

#mackbethpolaroid (speaks for itself)

#mackbethpopart (pop art by me! Who doesn’t like bright colours)

#mackbethfood (not just photos of food, its food I have made also)

#kbmelb (photos of my trip to Melbourne)

#byronkb (beautiful beaches etc. taken while I was there)

#ofmackbeth (model material)

01 Jul 2015
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