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27 Jul 2016
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Update & GOFG


Good news guys! I’m expanding! My business, ok. I am moving into video also!

A little bit of good news, if you know me you would know that I don’t get to live off the money from my photography. As much as I love photography it just doesn’t pay for me to eat yet. So the news is I probably have a job! Just a casual job to pay for life, I will still have time for my business!

Yes I dabble in video at present but beyond a maybe 30 second video of a concert, I am at a loss. I have taken the plunge into video as I have received an RADF grant for a documentary. Before continuing please go subscribe to my youtube to see my videos so far:

As my computer is away being fixed I will not be uploading videos soon. Once my laptop is fixed or I have a new one, I will be uploading a introductory video! In the mean time its just blogposts to update you guys. Also I am researching stand alone microphones, if you are good with audio help me out please!

If you follow me on social media you would see that I am currently looking for Artisans to feature in Good Old Fashioned Gratification. GOFG is to document artisans telling stories and working on their lost art form. The processes of such things as sign writing, carpentry and letterpress, will be documented in the form of a short film. This short films purpose is to show younger humans the beauty of working for a unique outcome and the gratification that comes with things that are not instant.

Good Old Fashioned Gratification will benefit all generations, myself and artisans past, present and future.

If you happen to know an artisan that would like to be filmed please send me their info as I would love to hear about them!

14 Jul 2016
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Lets get Personal

image1So for this post I am gunna go a lot more personal than we have gone previously, I still hope you enjoy the read!


A few quick things you might not know unless we are friends. I have ADHD which was not assessed until after I graduated high school. I have been on anti depressants for at least 3 years now and have wanted off of them since February this year. We had a suicide in the family early March which made it the worst possible time to go off anti depressants. I learnt recently that I don’t have asthma, I just have panic attacks from anxiety.  I have had Ross River Fever for a year now.


GOING OFF ANTI DEPRESSANTS: I wanted to get off anti depressants (as they made me feel dehydrated and I don’t want to rely on pills to feel ok) around Feb, I did not know how to go about it so I went to the doctors and asked about my options. The doctor suggested a mental health plan to go see a psychologist and eventually a psychiatrist. I booked in to see a psychologist halfway through March and by then I NEEDED it, I heard about Jade’s suicide the day it happened sometime during the day… I was told, talked to my parents about it as I don’t live with them and just went about my day. At 6pm that night about when it was getting dark I picked mac and cheese (packet mac and cheese, super easy to make) for dinner and it hit, it then took me 2 hours to prepare that meal between my brain shitting down, my body not moving off the ground and the fact that when I moved it was autopilot. I was alone at my place that night and that exact feeling of no focus (not helped at all by ADHD) and my brain shutting down continued for at least a month.


My psychologist thought that the grief I was feeling might be lessened by going to Jade’s funeral. As I have amazing adopted family willing come get me (as I was without vehicle at that time) I was able to say my final goodbye. This did not help at all, every other funeral I have been to is older people, people that have lived full lives. No other death has been this close to me and impacted me this much. It is now over 4 months since the world lost Jade and I am no where near over it but I am ready to go off anti depressants again. I have an appointment where this time I am telling my doctor I am going off medication, please know that even if you are depressed you don’t have to do what they tell you, it is your body. I will be off medication by next week and apart from a bad day (which we all have) I feel great about it!


To combat the mass amount of anxiety I have about how I might feel being off medication I am doing a photo challenge #beAphotographer by Adam Elmakias. To see my photos follow me on Insta @mac_kb_eth or search the hashtag #kbbeaphotographer



ROSS RIVER FEVER: In case you don’t know mosquitos spread Ross River Virus among others. This is how I got it, my parents thought (because I lived with them a year ago)  this girl is lazy! I felt tired, sore and completely drained for weeks and weeks before we decided to check out whats wrong. We thought a possible iron deficiency as that has happened before. When the test results came back it was confirmed Ross River. The pain of RR is like having the flu, sore muscles, no energy, foggy brain, insanely tired but ALL THE TIME.  Chronic fatigue can come with RR as that is basically how it feels. I tried non stop resting and that was good for a while but I wasn’t getting things done. I had to look after my house, do yard work and apply for jobs! How was I going to do that?


I decided to somewhat take the power back, tell my body what we were gunna do but I also had to listen to my body. I read up on articles from others who have RR and they all had different methods of living with it. I also went to MindBodySpirit festival and found out magnesium is good for RR. Now I have a method to live with it, being gentle. I listen to my body and I don’t do ridiculously strenuous work, I rest when I need to I also have vitamins, supplements I take as well as magnesium cream. I eat SO much better than I used to, I do cleaning and yard work when the energy strikes me, I rest when I need to and I even have a JOB INTERVIEW! Exercise helps on good days to build up stamina, help release my anger and to make sure I sleep well. The exercise I enjoy is box hit class at the gym with my neighbour, jumping on the trampoline and of course walking around catching Pokemon and hatching eggs on Pokemon GO.


The most helpful article I found on RR:


My Daily RR survival kit:

  • A balanced healthy diet
  • Chewable vitamin C x2

17 Apr 2016
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Suicide, why is this still a taboo subject? It gets talked about no where near enough, the most talk suicide gets is when you are sitting there with you pills, blade or noose, or after someone has already committed suicide. Just for reference I HATE that phrase, committed suicide, people commit crimes or commit murder.


The subject of suicide also gets a lot of vocal time from attention seekers, yes they are out there be warned, no not everyone who tells you they are considering suicide is an attention seeker. Its just that these attention seekers can contribute to the stigma around suicide and put in the mind of others that someone said they are considering but they won’t go through with it because they may have had experience with someone seeking attention previously. EVERY HUMAN is different, they are not all terrible (I do have to remind myself of that one constantly).


If you only consider suicide but you have people or things that are the reason you physically cannot do it then hold onto that, YOU ARE DOING SO WELL. I don’t suggest suffocating that person with your company etc because if you are anything like me and you thought they would be there for you in your down times and they are not, its not your fault some people are terrible humans. If you are seriously considering suicide, like actively making plans then get yourself help, if you know someone considering it, get them help. I have been to A LOT of concerts in my life and that message stuck, from every band that has a song written about their own suicidal thoughts or if they lost someone close to suicide. The world is not better off without you!


From the recent suicide in my family, I have been actively thinking of suicide. The thought that I don’t want my family to feel like I do (if they don’t already) is the only thing holding me back. I am dangerously close to the fact that if my emotions get the better of me then someone else will be feeling like this.


Suicide does not end the suffering, it ends your personal suffering, the inside torment but it just heightens the sadness in those who love you.



P.S. If you are a rapist then the world is better off without you

11 Apr 2016
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Queensland Youth Parliament Forum

forumJust past was the Queensland Youth Parliament Forum weekend. In case you haven’t seen I am the youth member for Nanango. Obviously if you know me I am passionate about a lot of things, I did choose the PIE committee which is Primary Industries and Environment.

Upon arrival was lunch so just eat and find a conversation. I did go down to Canberra earlier this year for Heywire if you are behind in the adventures of mackbeth and I was expecting that atmosphere. Being that Heywire is Australia wide and Queensland Youth Parliament is obviously QLD I was not expecting the amount of participants I arrived to! 93 youth parliament participants, myself and the executive team. The atmosphere was already different as the people here were specific to QLD. I have never felt so out of place in my life, everyone I had the pleasure of chatting to was either in school or Uni, OP subjects or double majors.

There are 15 yr olds that know more about politics than me, which is awesome but kinda sad for me. Every participant learnt what we doing here, etc. then we got to meet our committees and mentors. Two truths one lie was our ice breaker and I went all Veronica Mars and killed at it! For the rest of the time we had committee games (Friday night) Parliamentary Education (Friday and Saturday) committee meetings and even dancing (yes, it was terrible).

Saturday night was a panel and the Launch of Queensland Youth Parliament at Parliament house Brisbane. This meant Parliamentary wear which QYP was not specific enough about on our info packs (communication QYP, please) I made the assumption my outfit that I met the Governor General in would suffice, apparently not (I must do shopping before September). Panel and Launch, both successful and then dinner at Parliament house were a great experience, certainly one I had never had before. Next time I will be taking a water bottle! (P.S. I met the MP for Gladstone, CQ represent)

The bill PIE committee is working on and other aspects of youth Parliament (well as much as I can tell you) will be on future blogposts an on Instagram (@mac_kb_eth).

Random fact: the things I got complemented on were my docs, my tie dye pants and my ability to do the sprinkler, lame dance moves ftw!

11 Feb 2016
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Heywire Summit 16



Last week I spent in Canberra as part of the Heywire youth summit. I was able to meet 44 other young Australians who were all amazing. I got to hear all of their amazing stories and hear about the places they are from. For some of us Heywirers the trip started as a very long wait in airports, my particular flight got delayed 3 hours whereas some others had all night at Sydney due to the storm.


For the first 2 days in Canberra it was mostly get to know, although we mostly skipped the small talk and had rather deep conversations. As an entire group we worked on ideas then split into smaller groups. The smaller groups had topics such as, racism, drugs, gender equality and lack of jobs/tourism in small towns. The group I chose was LGBT+ issues in regional Australia.


In the LGBT+ group there was some late nights and intense brain storming, but it wasn’t all hard work. In our late nights there was great one liners, silly quotes, bad twitter happenings and rather disturbing face swaps.


In amongst the team work and late nights, we had some nice times. Toured the abc tv and radio in Canberra, got invited to the Governor Generals house for afternoon tea. The Governor Generals house was rather fancy, the grass as soft as clouds, we got our tea served to us by Roger an english gentleman that has life figured out, giving us the advice to enjoy the small things. I am already living this advice but it is timeless and should be taken on board.


Parliament house is most of Wednesday for us, chatting with Politicians, going on a tour, a live broadcast and Question Time. The fact that the people supposedly running this country act like high schoolers is not much of a comfort. On the Wednesday we also got to see the theatre in which we would do our presentations the next day. Thursday was the day, we presented our ideas to 200 or so people.


The LGBT+ group came up with the idea of podcasts to decrease stigma around the LGBT+ community. RegionALL will be informing rural and regional areas of the issues the LGBT+ community face through a fortnightly show. Stay tuned for updates


Pictures here:

Live broadcast here:

Story of live pitches here:

Demo podcast here:

15 Dec 2015
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So today was the announcement of Heywire winners. I was the winner for Southern QLD. My story is about the dying music scene outside of Capital cities. My story can be found here:

Soundwave could not have picked a more perfect day to announce the fact that it will no longer be happening after 2016. It has just made my message more clear and my motivation the keep the music scene alive, EVERYWHERE. Hopefully it has made everyone else motivated to support their music scene too.

IMG_5456 IMG_5457

11 Dec 2015
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Support Small Busines this Christmas

IMG_20150208_0002If you are like myself you didn’t buy your xmas presents months ago, some people are so organised! This is a guide of gifts to support small business this xmas.

For Santa photos:

Butterfly Kisses Creations (aka Tamara) will be in at Wilsonton Shopping centre in Toowoomba. This year every family will get ONE free photo, with extras costing only $15! 6 days a week (no Sundays), mon-fri times are 9:30-11:30am & 1-4pm, Saturdays are 10am-3pm. Get there to support small business and if you organise early the dog can be in the photo too! (Photo above: 2013 I was a helping photographer, wish I could be this year)

For the chocolate lover (aka everyone):

The Chocolate Yogi is vegan chocolate I was able to try at Cruelty Free festival, don’t be put off by the word vegan. I am a cadbury lover myself but the dark chocolate with coconut and cherry I got from the Chocolate Yogi was as good as old gold. They also have milk chocolate.

For the Self Care guru:

Delicious Skin is a natural range of skincare made by the lovely Nicola Marie (she was also at Cruelty Free fest). A review of her Sampler:

For the Artist:

Adam Nichols is an an artist/illustrator who does exceptional work. The only thing I left Kia Carrington-Russell’s table at Supanova (see below) for was to see the talk Adam did on Colour Theory. He also has a book of the same name which is a great gift for the artist in your family, so many interesting facts I didn’t know about the impact of colours (and I am a photographer!). Funny how the mind works. Supanova:


For the Nerd (I say that lightly):

While at Supanova, I just happened to meet a lovely human by the name of Napoleon. He is the illustrator of a comic called Talons of Pangea. Amazing artistry and storyline in this comic and something different if the human you are buying for is 10 and has Superman comics! Artist Portrait:


For the Book Lover:

Kia Carrington-Russell is a local Queensland author who has an extensive range of genres in her published works. Sci Fi, fantasy, romance and even erotica (for 18+ only). Her 9th published book Token Vampire came into our lives just days ago. Perfect timing for Christmas, review of the first book Token Huntress here:


For the Animal Lover:

Cicardis Apparel has a few options my favourite being the Equality design modelled by the designer Lily Cardis at Cruelty Free Festival. Photo:


For the Music minded:

Bunker Records is a local Toowoomba Business that stocks your favourite (or whoever you are buying for) artists. Also record players should that be needed to play vinyl! Bunker also has shirts for those who like to rep the local businesses. Should you just need a break from

shopping for gifts grab a coffee on the way out from Bunker Espresso if the vinyl gets too heavy to carry.

Also a Toowoomba local is artist Ashvin Harris who currently has a Kurt Cobain painting, for sale at this moment!

For a little closer to home (yeah, I’m gunna plug myself, you knew it was coming) I have prints for Sale from my Exhibition Music Seen and I can also print any photograph of mine you take fancy to.