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20 Oct 2016
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Life Lessons with KB 2


Attitude is an amazing thing, if you let it be. If you don’t have a good attitude it can be terrible, for your health, for the people around you and for the world. 
It may sound dramatic saying a bad attitude can be terrible for the world, but it’s true. Today I was reminded of this when someone said “good luck” in response to the fact that we have to start somewhere with the war on drugs. “Good Luck” basically says this person has no hope that things can work.  
I have experienced this before when telling people to recycle or even think about their own health. “No one else cares, Why should I?”. I have heard this exact sentiment from SO MANY PEOPLE! Imagine for a minute that every person who has said that exact phrase actually cared, imagine how much of a difference that would make. Imagine if people thought (like I do) “If there is 100 people out there that do this too, that’s a difference!” 
So before you think “no one else cares, why should I?” Just remember that I care and you can be someone that changes the world just by thinking positively 

19 Oct 2016
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Life Lessons with KB


People say it often that age doesn’t matter, I pretty much always disagreed because I have an amazing family and family friends that matured with age like humans are supposed to. I have recently learnt that everyone else in the world is different to these humans I grew up with. The humans I grew up around made their mistakes same as everyone, but they were also smart enough to learn from their mistakes. To learn what they wanted in life and they try to spend as little time as possible with those not facing the same reality.


I should clarify that my understanding of maturity is not necessarily liking who you are but not hating yourself, being able to be alone whether alone with your own company, living alone or single for any significant period of time. To know something that you want and be able to say it AND go for it. This being that the most immature people I have ever met can’t stand to be alone, must have people around 24/7, must have a SO (even if they aren’t that significant),don’t know what they want and if they do they can’t even say it let alone go out and get it.


Now here is a story that makes me look silly, but the message is needed. I liked someone, thought they were great, they only lived an hour away from me. I went to visit them once a week, sometimes more and received promises of visits as soon as this was done or “when I’m not busy”. While receiving these lies I was also receiving sweet messages, assurance that they liked me BUT also no commitment. Now I still have no idea whether human actually liked me, if that was what they wanted or if they didn’t want me at all. I am perfectly happy not knowing. I am happy not knowing simply because even if I needed to know, this human would be incapable of telling me, they don’t know! This is a 28 year old human! From hearing of their past, I have realised that they just don’t know how to be alone.


Being alone is a skill and a rather useful one, now another example of a 28 year old human. This human knows how to be alone and also knows what they want AND how to go after it. You realise what you want in the absence of things.


Life is pretty simple at the end of the day, if you want something you go for it! Worst that can happen is it doesn’t happen. If it’s a person you like or you even THINK you like, just say it. If it’s a dream to do something everyone around you will laugh at or not understand, just do it ANYWAY. Find these opportunities because opportunities missed are the biggest regrets you will have.

For example, something I need to get past is I wanted to walk the Kokoda track when I was in grade 12, my year co ordinator (who actually had no idea) said I could not do it, I was refused because I didn’t want to play touch football after a theory lesson of REC. There was a LOT they did not know, I know have Ross River fever so the chances of me finishing a 96km hike now is ridiculous. This may seem like a poor example but this wrecks my self esteem whenever I think about it. This was the last time I let someone tell me what I can’t handle!


This lesson goes for doctors also anyone who tries to tell you about your body.  My doctor tried to tell me I should not go off anti depressants. I have been off then for over 3 months now and my body likes me a lot better


In closing,


Age means nothing, maturity is what matters.

Being Alone is a good thing.

Know what you want and go for it!

No one knows your body like you.

05 Oct 2016
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QYP Sitting Week

sitting-weekSo this blogpost will be on my experience of Queensland Youth Parliament Sitting week. I can write these words but nothing is like experiencing it. The week was a huge blur of little sleep, lost voices, many shames and bag puns which were still funny.

Queensland Youth Parliament consists of 93 humans (un)like myself (because they are all more academically inclined and much more motivated than myself) but all ready to make a difference in our state, some our world. This program is run for and by people aged 15-25 who show interest in politics.

The day of arrival was team building activities, not that the team of PIE (Primary Industries and Environment) needs building. Activities included a tower of straws and paper planes along with advertising campaigns to sell them. As a more serious activity we split into focus groups to talk about some big issues such as the LGBT+ community, homelessness and indigenous affairs. In the nighttime was a song and dance that had to do with our committee. We in PIE did Working Class Man with our lead Callan Daley killing the lip syncing.

Day 2 started with talks and different focus groups on our chosen topic from the day before. I chose LGBT+ issues, we got to have a great chat with a police officer about how the police force is moving forward and accepting the LGBT+ community. This was also the day we heard around 30 speeches for Youth Premier. I am almost ashamed to say I was crazy excited at the results. I was not only excited that our Prem was Sean but also that I was on Government to experience his leadership. The opposition was not lacking in leadership having voted in 2nd year Will. After a fantastic entrance by PIE into the arena, trivia was on. I don’t remember who one but I feel like PIE are always winners. Between rounds of questions were small games such as finding lollies in flour and shoving as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible. I myself happened to win the game of eating a dry weet bix first, not my proudest moment, I don’t even like weet bix. Later that night were the first caucus meetings for Parliament the next day.

Day 3 was our first day in Parliament, first the opening ceremony. Secondly a Matter of Public Importance, topic being Abortion. The debate and banter around this subject was a mix of funny yet serious. So many great points were made and some controversial ones but the end vote was females have a right to choose body autonomy. Private Member Statements next on a range of subjects including rape culture, suicide and mental health. Private Member Statements being a 2 minute speech on whatever topic a member might choose.

Day 4 which was day 2 of Parliament started with question time, as this was Youth Parliament our questions were not too serious. Our youth prem had given a great speech the day before about his LCM policy (I should probably mention our youth prem is more commonly known as the LCM kid). Gov decided early on that if we made fun of ourselves the oppo would have less ammunition. First question off the bat was about the LCM policy and the jokes didn’t stop there. It was the day we first debated a bill or three also. The amazing race which was played in committees, had 9 activities. While no team finished all 9, us in PIE finished 5 activities which makes us winners!

Day 5 started off with our Deputy Speaker as the member for Nanango (which I am the Youth Member for). After some controversial Private Member Statements and a bill. Next was a Matter of Public Importance on the topic of Alcohol Fuelled Violence, the Government had a plan to lower beer wine and cider drinking age to 16. A plan that was shot down in debate by the opposition but when it came time to vote, this and our 3 other great ideas as well as the Oppositions well thought out plan, TIED. This was a QYP first ladies and gents. Some Private Member Statements later and the National Matter of Public Importance was up for debate: Euthanasia. On Euthanasia there was not so much controversy and most agreed, like on the abortion MPI people voted for body autonomy. Thursday ended with a reception at Government house where the Youth Members met the Governor of Queensland.

Day 6 final day of Parliament. Slander was thrown like no other day on this our final day in the green room. The jokes started first up in Question time and ended right before the tears started during the closing ceremony. After dinner was a special QYP tradition (top secret) then onto the jungle dance. I thank everyone in PIE for comforting me when I found out my chicken died. Later in the night was the QYP talent show, the PIE committee came together for the last time for yet another great dance routine, the final bang. Late into the night and wee hours of the morning many of us spent writing warm and fuzzies (sickeningly cute notes) and chatting the night away.

Before leaving on the Saturday emotions were at the highest, many hugs shared, many tears shed and many feel good moments.

When you are in a place for a week where you eat the same food everyday, silly games become fun and you feel war cries are a part of everyday, you know you can’t stay too long! All of this sentimental crap brought to you by the person who cries at the end of How I Met Your Mother but NOT on the last day of QYP along with everyone else.image image image image


At the closing ceremony everyone kept telling us that QYP would change us, I really didn’t see how. I didn’t see how until I got home and I felt confident enough to put up my first youtube video with me in it ( I have always had no problems expressing how I feel and now I can ask others how they feel, QYP really has changed me.

30 Aug 2016
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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover


This post is about the age old adage”don’t judge a book by its cover”. I’m not saying to never judge something by how it looks, if it looks unsafe it might be. The topic I want to focus on is business.

Recently I chatted with a lovely human about a problem we were both having, ordering motorbike parts. There are 2 stores close to us that can order parts and fix motorbikes. One of these stores is a store that society would tell us to trust, shop is on the main street, it has a beautiful showroom and has an abundance of staff. This is what we should trust IF we listened to society. The other store is on a smaller street not in the main part of town, a tiny showroom and select few staff. Guess who got the correct parts 10x quicker and had lovely accommodating staff?

If you guess the smaller back street business, you were correct! I was once asked at a conference I went to if I would trust a well dressed, clean shaven business man or a scruffy (their words not mine) human in jeans and a t shirt? My response? “Whoever is smiling”. I care not for the professional look but the openness, and willingness to help.

I am aware that not everyone can be taken at appearance (some people appear open) and that it is still judging by appearance, but you have a better chance of getting what you need from people that are open. Humans that are open are usually more open to help, helping you and not mucking around!

18 Aug 2016
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Mental Health


Lately writing has been a way for me to express how I have been feeling although apparently it does not translate, just like when I tell people about them.

My journal has recently been full of the bad things that just keep happening, I swear its more than one human should have to deal with. Do you ever get the feeling that bad things just will not stop happening? I don’t want the tone of this post to be negative but it is a possibility that’s how it will turn out.

If you know me personally you will know that I have had some rather big events happen recently that are not good. On top of that all these small things have been just dragging me down. Have you ever been to the point where you can’t do simple things without messing them up? Like making macaroni and cheese, in the microwave and it taking 2 hours? Like pushing the wrong button online and accidentally paying for something with the wrong card?

I have been at this point where I can’t do simple tasks for months now but it has worsened in the last 3 days to one blonde move a day! Safe to say I no longer have the mental capacity to deal with anything stupid anyone might say. This also means I have no time for people that don’t listen and don’t understand the difficult time I am having in life at the moment.

People will always try to tell you what you can handle, for example when you are reaching your breaking point and you say “I can’t handle this” people will try to tell you that you have to, and that its fine you can handle it. These are statements that people say to make you feel better, please know that it is perfectly ok if you can’t handle it. No one can tell you what you can handle.

Another difficulty I have is anger toward anyone that can tell me “don’t worry, it’s going to get better” when they don’t know that. Sometimes people just need to be down, considering all the time I be positive, the last thing I need to hear is to “just be positive”. I do “be positive” when what is happening around me is positive, I will get there again but right now I cannot be positive.

One more thing that is important to know, you don’t have to do things alone. You could do it alone but you don’t have to. If you do have to, find better humans.

The only time I have no time for people in the current state I am in is when they no longer try to be happier, to get better, whatever messed up phrase you use for trying. Please for me, never stop trying. Make no mistake I am trying so hard, everyday.

I pride myself on being there for my friends yet that ability evades me at present also. To be perfectly fair if more people returned this sentiment I might not be struggling so much right now.

Something interesting to pay attention to, when your body tells you something you should listen. Another thing people will always try to tell you is what to do with your own body. Recently I have had a doctor prescribe me medication that makes me sick, they thought as it has been a few years my body would just decide to be ok with this medication now. I’m telling you to listen to your body because this doctor was oh so wrong. I didn’t have the greatest faith in doctors before, I now wonder if I should take aboard their opinion. Be smart enough to recognise the difference between your body giving you a sign in comparison to you just being a picky pain in the ass.

Some things I do when I can’t deal with people or what they are saying is I spend time with my animals, which if you follow me on social media you will see ducks, dogs and chickens frequently. Another thing I have been doing lately is listening to my favourite bands podcasts, called Hawthorne Heights explains it all. Most of the time they talk about tour stories, the background of their songs and whats coming up for them as a band cause you know, it is supposed to be about that. Sometimes though they have little hidden gems which is just feel good, advice for anyone or just jokes about recent news. Its always nice to know what makes you feel good!

This particular episode they have great advice about not letting people bring you down, doing things alone (52 mins in) and the goodness of humans (1 hour 23mins in).

02 Aug 2016
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Work With Me


Hey, so I have been blogging heaps lately! I guess I have just been super motivated, I wanted to do an introductory video for my youtube but as I am out a computer that has to wait. I have gotten a job and I am working on GOFG (Good Old Fashioned Gratification) but I still have time to WORK WITH YOU.

As I am more motivated, I am excited to collaborate with everyone! I am looking to collaborate with brands, clothing labels and bloggers. Something you should know about me, the offer to promote something I believe in or work with amazing humans is more appealing than promoting something I am unsure about just because I am being compensated. I hope you feel the same way, for this reason I have discounted rates (just ask for a quote) and I do some TFP work.

Working with me is super easy just get in contact and I love different ideas so don’t be afraid to go wild! There are no silly questions. There is a contact form on my website (here) and you can message me on social media.

I look forward to hearing from you!

29 Jul 2016
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Artist Support



So this blogpost has a little undertone that could be taken as dark. Its not dark. Just a warning. Today I am writing about the support (sometimes lack of) that artists get. I have amazing supportive people around me! Just something I noticed today as I got a “real job” (yes that’s sarcasm) is that people are so stoked for me! Don’t get me wrong I am stoked also, I like to eat so I love that I have a job. I love the support I am getting also, don’t think I don’t love your support.

I just happened to notice that not as many people were stoked for me when I got my grant for my documentary. It might be because they have no idea what is entailed in getting a grant. It might be my inability to explain what a huge deal that is, especially for me. I thought as I have already received a grant for an exhibition which was a big deal, that people who know me would be stoked for me. Im sorry if it sounds selfish but I can only draw from my experiences here.

An artist friend of mine Linsey Walker is headed to Japan next year for an Artist Residency. I was one of the only people who reacted accordingly as I got rather excited and jealous! Any artist would know to be stoked as as residency is great but in another country is amazing! Linsey has already done a residency in Iceland so another one is even more amazing!

Linsey’s website:

I am curious if any other artists have problems like this? I get that this sounds like I am complaining, I’m not trying to, I’m just curious. I will always support my Artist friends as I love all that they achieve!

I love and support all my artist friends and I am so stoked for all their success. I really hope for everyone to understand the big things in everyones lives, not just artists.

To everyone, if something big happens in your life please know I am stoked for you. Even if your something big is putting on pants and leaving the house. I believe in you! Your success is great and someone is cheering you on!

Side note: Kia Carrington-Russell (my author friend) is headed over to America for a tour so if I have any followers over there (which I doubt), find her on social media and find out where she will be!

Links for Kia:
Insta: @kia_crystal