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So this blogpost has a little undertone that could be taken as dark. Its not dark. Just a warning. Today I am writing about the support (sometimes lack of) that artists get. I have amazing supportive people around me! Just something I noticed today as I got a “real job” (yes that’s sarcasm) is that people are so stoked for me! Don’t get me wrong I am stoked also, I like to eat so I love that I have a job. I love the support I am getting also, don’t think I don’t love your support.

I just happened to notice that not as many people were stoked for me when I got my grant for my documentary. It might be because they have no idea what is entailed in getting a grant. It might be my inability to explain what a huge deal that is, especially for me. I thought as I have already received a grant for an exhibition which was a big deal, that people who know me would be stoked for me. Im sorry if it sounds selfish but I can only draw from my experiences here.

An artist friend of mine Linsey Walker is headed to Japan next year for an Artist Residency. I was one of the only people who reacted accordingly as I got rather excited and jealous! Any artist would know to be stoked as as residency is great but in another country is amazing! Linsey has already done a residency in Iceland so another one is even more amazing!

Linsey’s website:

I am curious if any other artists have problems like this? I get that this sounds like I am complaining, I’m not trying to, I’m just curious. I will always support my Artist friends as I love all that they achieve!

I love and support all my artist friends and I am so stoked for all their success. I really hope for everyone to understand the big things in everyones lives, not just artists.

To everyone, if something big happens in your life please know I am stoked for you. Even if your something big is putting on pants and leaving the house. I believe in you! Your success is great and someone is cheering you on!

Side note: Kia Carrington-Russell (my author friend) is headed over to America for a tour so if I have any followers over there (which I doubt), find her on social media and find out where she will be!

Links for Kia:
Insta: @kia_crystal

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