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All YOU need to know


This blog post is about you! Yes, you. I want you to know me so if you choose to work with me or hire me, you know what you are getting. A little background, what I have done to make this the best experience for you and why I blog.


Background on macKBeth, the word macbeth came from my love of the shoe brand, not from Shakespeare but as that had nothing to do with my name the KB is to show my involvement. KB is my initials incase you don’t know, my name is Kirsten Butters. My logo is red and black (sometimes white with black background) mainly because that is what people see me in as it is pretty much my entire wardrobe. Red is also the colour of passion and my passion is photography!


The simpleness of my logo and business is to not confuse anyone, I choose a simple logo as on my card the photograph speaks. There is no false advertising I am not here to mislead you.


You want to have the best and I want you to have the best. I studied Photoimaging for 2 years and came out with a Diploma to show what I can do and give potential clients (that’s you) an idea of what I can do.


I enjoy shooting events and special moments in peoples lives, whether it be screaming out the lyrics to their favourite song at a concert or a 60th Wedding Anniversary (the Anniversary was a beautiful moment). For this reason I don’t want potential clients to be a stranger toward me, I’m not saying I need to be your new best friend but don’t ever be shy about what you want.


As for my Photoshop skills there are things I can do that I am not fond of and do not do everyday but don’t doubt the skill is there. This does not mean I can make you lose 10kgs in photos (sorry about that!) but if you feel like that mole is not a beauty spot it can go. I can however make you blue like a Smurf if you find that exciting!


As to why I blog, obviously I blog to share photographs mainly but in things like reviews there is information about products you may like, exhibitions you may want to see and events you may want to hear about (along with my photographs of the topic). Some reviews have been at the request of the other party, my belief is they would like a unique point of view and possibly my honesty. If you have any ideas or requests of what you would definitely like to see on my blog, please make a suggestion.


My hashtag on Instagram: #mackbethphotography


To see specific  projects on Instagram

#mackbethinspo (for a pick me up, NOTE: quotes are not mine, only photos)

#mackbethnature (when you need to get back to nature)

#mackbethpolaroid (speaks for itself)

#mackbethpopart (pop art by me! Who doesn’t like bright colours)

#mackbethfood (not just photos of food, its food I have made also)

#kbmelb (photos of my trip to Melbourne)

#byronkb (beautiful beaches etc. taken while I was there)

#ofmackbeth (model material)

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